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Creating a Linked Server to an Azure SQL Database

Why would you create a Linked Server to an Azure SQL Database?
If you work in a hybrid environment with some databases stored on your on premises SQL Server instances and you also have deployed some databases to Azure SQL Database, maybe you have archived a bunch of data up to the cloud to free some space on your on premises servers but you still want to query that data.  You might want to query the azure SQL Server databases from your on-premises SQL Server instances for a whole bunch of other reasons too. Then you might want to create a Linked Server to your Azure SQL Database

In this short video David talks you through the process of creating a linked server to an Azure SQL databases

You can download the free ebook: Putting Your Head in the Cloud: An Introduction to Cloud Computing and Azure SQL Database

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SOS - Save Our Souls or SQL Operations Manager

On Wednesday Microsoft Announced the release in preview of SQL Operations Studio (SOS)... What is that I hear you cry! Well I asked myself the same question and did some digging.

SQL Operations Studio a client tool for working with SQL Server... It was announced at the PASS summit last week and it hit public preview on Wednesday.

"ARE THEY GETTING RID OF MANAGEMENT STUDIO?????" I hear you scream, well  that was my initial thought too.

Fear not though, Management Studio is hear to stay, at least for now, according to this interview  in visual studio magazine of Microsoft executive  Rohan Kumar.

Q: Will this tool replace SSMS?
A: It is not in our roadmap.

It's not a No. So not necessarily conclusive. "It is not in our roadmap" - I keep adding a "yet" to the end of that sentence. Road-maps do change overtime but I think we can assume that SQL Operations Manager will be aro…

Connecting to an Azure SQL Databases

Connecting to an Azure SQL Databases is pretty simple and straight forward,as long as you know what you need in order to safely and securly establish a connection.

In this short introductory video david shows you what you need to do,such as

Setting firewall rules Finding the connection string needed to connect to your Azure SQL database from SQL Server management Studio. 

It also shows at how to create and configure an Azure SQL database from SSMS.

You can download the free ebook: Putting Your Head in the Cloud: An Introduction to Cloud Computing and Azure SQL Database

Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions

Configuring Azure Data Sync

In this video David demonstrates how to configure Azure Data Sync 2.0 to synchronise an Azure SQL database with an "On premises" SQL server.

As the name suggests the Azure Data Sync tool allows you to synchronise data between Azure SQL databases and other databases both on Premises and in the Azure cloud.

If you are looking to manage a 'hybrid' environment where you have data and on premises data then this might be a useful tool for you.

You can download the free ebook: Putting Your Head in the Cloud: An Introduction to Cloud Computing and Azure SQL Database

Any questions feel free to ask them in the comments

Ebook: Putting Your Head in the Cloud: An Introduction to Cloud Computing and Azure SQL Database

David is delivering his Microsoft Azure for the SQL DBA talk this weekend in SQL Saturday Denmark. Go and see him if you attending the event - you can find his session in the schedule

David has updated his eBook Putting Your Head in the Cloud: An Introduction to Cloud Computing and Azure SQL Database. This is the third edition Its free to download just click the link.

If you have any feedback on the book please do leave a comment below.

Kerberos Explained - Taming the Beast: Kerberos for the SQL Server DBA

David has a talk that he delivers at SQL Saturdays, all about Kerberos authentication.  What it is, how it works and the impact it can have on databases administrators if things sometime go awry with what is needed for it function correctly.

The talk  is called  “Taming the Beast: Kerberos for the SQL Server DBA” if you have ever encountered the Kerberos double hop issue –David’s talk provides a great explanation about the cause – missing or duplicate service principal names (SPNs).  David’s talks explains how Kerberos works and what you need to do to fix any SPN issues.

David introduces a great tool to help the SQL Server DBA work with SPNs. The tool is called Microsoft Kerberos Configuration Manager for SQL Server. This is really useful tool for helping you identify if you have the correct SPNs created. David explains how to use it in his talk.

David records a lot of his SQL Saturday presentations and he has recorded this one too. You can watch it here. When he first the YouTube vid…

New in SQL Server 2017: Graph Databases

David has recorded and published a video of his presentation on SQL Server Graph Database. In his video which you can watch below, David provides an excellent introduction into SQL Server 2017 Graph Databases. In his presentation he looks at Tennis results at tournaments for  his favourite player "The Fed"  Rodger Federer.

David  shows how to set up graph database and work with them in SQL Server 2017.

Graph Database is not new. Other vendors have had graph database capabilities for some time so Microsoft are quite late to the market. In David presentation it appears that Microsoft have done a reasonable job of implementing some of the graph database features but he does point some of the limitations of the Microsoft product too and suggests that it is not ready for production yet but Microsoft seem serious about this feature.

Please watch the video and feel free to leave a comment or feedback - David is delivering a version of this talk on Graph databases in SQL Saturday Ka…