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New Domain - My blog has a new domain name

About a year ago I started to write a blog, previously to that, for about three years I had been writing a SQL Server themed tips and articles on my website. When I started writing the blog I decided to build it into my existing domain name, that I think was a little mistake on my part. It’s that time of year again when it was time to renew my domain name, I hadn’t written on the actual site for well over a year, people reading the site itself had fallen through the floor as I was no longer paying it any attention,  the hosting costs were creeping up with that particular provider and I found that as I’ve developed and increased my contribution  to the SQL Server community my name has become more and more important. The existing domain name, I felt did not really represent me, it was long, possibly too long and difficult to remember and if you came across it on a Search Engine search you wouldn’t necessarily know that it was my site without clicking the link and visiting the site. So a…

SQLServerPedia – Awards 2010

The results of the SQLServerPedia Awards 2010 are out....I was nominated in two categories and I won the "New to SQLServerPedia" award. Being nominated was a nice unexpected surprise and winning is unbelievable, it actually ties in nicely with my blog's one Hundredth post and a nice way to finish my first year writing on the blog. The "New to SQLServerPedia" category had some some greater bloggers nominated and two of those nominated in the "New to SQLServerPedia” category won awards in some of the other categories,  Jason Brimhall (Blog|Twitter) won an award for the "Book Review" category, you can view that post here and Bob Pusateri (Blog|Twitter) won an award in the "Internals" category, you can read Bob’s post here. So there was lots excellent of competition and I can’t believe I actually won. Congratulations to Bob and Jason and all the contestants on on their success . I'm just sorry I couldn't make the trip to Seattle to …

Post 100 – A Year Gone (not quite)!

I wasn’t going to make a special effort for the one hundredth post on my blog, I was intending to let it slip by without much of a mention…But I couldn’t help myself. I have maintained a SQL themed website since 2007 without much luck in term of hits and visitors. When I started out in 2007 I bought some hosting that included a content management system, but that was clunky and at best difficult to use. In three years of it running and writing for that site I probably churned about 50 articles/posts…tops. Late last year (2009) after following along and reading some of the well known bloggers out there like Steve Jones (Blog|Twitter) and Brent Ozar (Blog|Twitter) and just before attending the SQLBITS conference at the Celtic Manor (home of the 2010 Ryder Cup) I decided to start blogging. My reason being, I was writing for my website and now on my blog mainly for my own benefit. I find writing helps me learn and remember technology much better than reading alone, it forces you to think …

SQL ServerPedia – Blog Awards

I have been catching up on some blog posts and I read a few posts by well known bloggers like Grant Fritchely and Mike Walsh about voting for their posts in the SQLServerPedia blog awards. So I visited the links they provided to have look at what was what and who was nominated and then maybe vote. I was stunned to learn that I have been nominated in two categories!
I have an entry in the management and automation category for my Policy Based Management post. I’m in there with along with Grant and a few others.  I have also been nominated in the New To SQLServerPedia category. WOW! I still pretty stunned to be honest, I’m in there with some great writers.
So if you would like to vote then a list of all the categories can be found here. And If you did happen to vote for me, then that would be fabulous.

What’s in a Full Backup?

I got asked a question today that I though was quite interesting. If my backup starts at 6pm and it runs for say 30 minutes what happens to the transactions that occur during the 30 minutes that the backup is running?The short answer:All committed transactions that run during the duration of the backup will be included in the full backup, open transactions will not be included.The proof:Please note, that your database will get around 784MB in size and the backup created will be roughly the same size, so before running these scripts, make sure you have enough space on the box you testing it on.I will create a dummy database called buptest for the purpose of this testUSE master

I have put the database into simple recovery mode just to keep the log manageable, I am not worried about point in time recovery for this demo.
Next we will create two tables to hold some test dataUSE buptest

CREATETABLE t1 (id INT, val CHAR(8000))

TSQL2SDAY #12 - Why are DBA Skills Necessary?

WOW this is the 12th TSQL2Sday albeit this month’s is week early because of the PASS summit next week, so these little blog parties have been running for a year now. This month is being hosted by none other than Paul Randal (Blog|Twitter) and we are going to be discussing Why are DBA Skills necessary?
There is a wide range of topics that I could write about here and Paul has listed several topics areas on his blog, I am going to be discussing how business continuity could be affected by a lack of DBA skills.
Paul in his Master class, in London in the summer just gone (review here) gave a great example from his time with Microsoft when a bank got their disaster recovery plan wrong and it ended up costing them dearly, I’m won’t go into much more than that here but it was a great story demonstrating firstly how important data can be to company or firm and also how important it is protect and look after that data – ultimately in lots of cases (backing up the database) = (backing up the bu…

Movember – Team IPMO

Some friends of mine  decided to support the Movember charity this year. I would try and explain what Movember is but the charity website  does a much better job than anything I could put together:“Movember challenges men to change their appearance and the face of men’s health by growing a moustache. The rules are simple, start Movember 1st  clean shaven and then grow a moustache for the entire month.  The moustache becomes the ribbon for men’s health, the means by which awareness and funds are raised for cancers that affect men.  Much like the commitment to run or walk for charity, the men of Movember commit to growing a moustache for 30 days.”The team was put together by lloyd Bayliss and as such he is the team captain, the rest of the team are made up of (in no particular order):me
Chris Unsted
Michael J Elvy
Ian Treasure
Mike Larner – always has The Mo but has kindly shaved it off and is growing it again for this good cause.
Mark Edwards
Ian Smith
Graham Atwick��…