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Incremental Load - TSQL

For my first technical post in a short while I thought I would look at something I have worked on over the summer that I thought would be good for me to document and share. I needed to develop a relatively simple incremental load process for a very small web app that took the contents of a spreadsheet and loaded that spreadsheet into a SQL Server database table.At this stage I have to point out that I learned many of the techniques I used here from reading Andy Leonards' (Blog | Twitter) Chapter in SQL Server MVP Deep Dives - The Autonomy of an Incremental Load. I'll provide a brief overview of my process before I get down to the nitty gritty of the load itself.I take the spreadsheet that holds the data I want to load and load it into a staging table in my database. This was done using SSIS.I then compare the staging table with actual live table and decide if any updates need to be made.If they are identical I simply send an email to the 'keepers of the spreadsheet' in…

Summer Update

I haven’t posted on my SQL Server blog for a few weeks, I missed the August T-SQL Tuesday which I’m a little annoyed  about but I have been very busy at work with my clients and very busy at home too. This is just a short post to dust of the blog. I have a post or two lined up that will hopefully be published before the end of August and then I hope to get back into full swing when Autumn arrives come September.Some of you may know that I have two young Golden Retriever dogs, they are just over a year old. On this Thursday gone my wife and I took my dogs to the lake not too far from our house, my one dog Jake loves the water when I throw a tennis ball in he’ll swim and get it. Seth so far has been less of a swimmer, he prefers to paddle close to the shore. Well we wanted to get him to swim so we held Jake on his lead and threw the ball in for Seth, not to far, a few yards from the shore, but out his depth so he would have to swim to get it. He was a little cautious at first but he did…