Monday, 11 April 2011

Hostettler the Viking Needs a New Ship and Your Help

Hostettler the Viking Needs a New Ship…And Your Help.

My good friend Justin Hostettler Davies (Blog @DBExpertise) pinged me a mail in the middle of last week saying that he entered Idera’s SQL Cruise contest. He asked me to have a read of his entry and let him know what I thought. You can read Justin’s entry here

It’s a pretty cool story about Hostettler the Viking, that I think may have legs as a cartoon in it’s own right. For now, I think Justin would appreciate it if you would have a read of his story and perhaps leave a comment if you like it. I know he would enjoy the Alaskan cruise and the SQL training that goes with it…

Please do give JHD your feedback over on you might actually help the Viking get on the (SQL Cruise) ship too.

Just as an aside, Justin’s story is in several parts as he has expanded on the story over the week, so please have a look through the posts

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