Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Microsoft Certification Exams: Costs are Increasing

It was announced yesterday that the cost of taking a Microsoft exam will increase from the 1 July. In the UK the price will be increasing from £88 to £99. A fair amount of my readers and visitors come for the USA. If you are taking the test across the Atlantic in the USA then the price will be increasing from $125 to $150. If I have missed out your region please accept my apologies, there is a nice link you can follow below that will help determine how the cost rise will impact on you:

I guess this might be the incentive you need to get the exam booked and taken before the July deadline, and save a few £££’s in the process.


  1. A pretty hefty increase! Still, the proctored Oracle exams are £131 a pop!

  2. Yep a 12% plus increase is quite substantial. I guess it could lead to a rush of people trying to get the exams done before the price goes up. Not looked at the Oracle exams though but it seems from what you say, the Microsoft Certs are slightly cheaper.

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