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2012: SQL Server, Olympics, Football and Darts

59838mojqzy38coToday is the first day of 2012 and some commentators and bloggers in the SQL Server blog space use this time to write blog posts  about resolutions and goals  they have set themselves for the coming year. In other sphere’s especially the political blog space, bloggers see this as a ‘slow news’ time so they take this opportunity to make predications about the coming year. Reading some of these can actually make you feel a little queasy as I haven’t read one yet that has made predictions of the great global economic recovery of 2012. In fact they all contain a certain amount of doom and gloom,

I’ll be staying away from politics and the economy and I won’t be making and resolutions or setting goals here, instead I’ll have a go at making some predictions of my own. Some technical and some not at related to technology and SQL Server. I’ll leave the technical ones until last.

The Darts. Over the Christmas break the PDC world darts championship has been taking place  and with the early exit of Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor, darts’ greatest ever all time player, the championship this year is wide open. The Semi-finals take place at tonight so I need to get this one in first. There are four players left, Andy Hamilton, James Wade, Adrian Lewis and Simon Whitlock. and my my predication is

Prediction: James Wade to win the darts. The final is tomorrow (2nd Jan) so we won’t have to wait long to find out if I;m right on this one.

The Olympic games will be coming to London this summer and it was evident from last nights New Year celebrations that this event will be getting a lot of attention from the UK press during this coming year. Let’s hope the games are huge success and go off without any problems. There are lots of events and sports that will be included but I’m only going to make two predications

Predication 100m Final: Usain Bolt.  Going with the favourite here!!

Prediction: Men's Football Tournament: Great Britain!! I know that the England football team have always failed to deliver but with the combination of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland I think that the Great British team especially with the inclusion of the Welsh contingent of Gareth Bale and Aaron Ramsey will have excellent chance of winning the Olympic tournament.

There is also the European Football Championships to look forward to, no doubt the UK press will get over excited about England’s chances of victory and no doubt they will fail to deliver. I can’t see England under Capello’s guidance winning this tournament

Prediction: Spain

2012 is also going to be an important year for SQL Server. The latest and great version: SQL Server 2012 has been ear marked for release in the first half of this year. There has been much debate about an actual date some even thought it could be have been released in the later half of 2011, that wasn’t to be and at at PASS it was announced it would be in the first half of 2012. The launch events have been planned for the spring of 2012: Links to some of these events have been included

SQL Bits

Dev Connections 

Even though these launch events have been planned for March/April I don’t think we’ll have a release date until later in the year. Tech Ed in Amsterdam starts on 25th June 2012 and I think this will be a key date in the release of SQL Server 2012.

Prediction: SQL Server Release date: 25th June 2012

Whenever it gets released the changes in the pricing model, features and the editions those features are included in are likely to have a big impact on the uptake rate.  I’d be interested to know when your organisation plans to move to SQL Server 2012,  if in fact it you have plans to migrate at the moment?

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