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Blogging: Building a Blog

I took an interest in building  a blog/website several years ago when I first started my company and working for myself. Over the years I have tried many different approaches and over the last few years I have settled on using my blog to build my brand.

More recently a monthly MeMe has started in the SQL Server blogger community that talks about blogging or meta blogging as it is known. This Meme has got me thinking about blogging and how to go about building a successful blog. This MeMe was started by Jason Strate (Blog) and is now approaching its third monthly run.

To coincide with this my good friend Matthew Bird (Blog|Twitter) and I had a discussion over lunch a few weeks back about the benefits of blogging and how it can help build your business. Matt was a little negative about bogging initially, he struggled to see the benefits in giving something away for free. Lets be clear Matt is a very successful business man in his own right, he has interests in many different businesses and he is currently building a business in the world of financial services and financial advice.

Matt and I talked and discussed  how a blog can help build his presence and his brand in his  field. It can be used to document your knowledge on a subject area and it can also be used to provide your opinion on certain subjects.  I think Matt took some of that advice on board as he now has a  blog all of his own. Please don’t misunderstand me I’m not an SEO guru, nor am I the greatest blogger in the world. Matthew won’t mind me sharing this with you, and I think our discussions can help and benefit other people who are considering building a blog so I have decided to write some posts on subject.

This is the first. I will be running a short series on blogging, how to go about setting up a blog, what platforms to use, what to write about, how to get ‘inspiration’ for a post, how to get noticed by Google and how to use some of the the social networking sites like twitter and LinkedIn to help increase your readership and your traffic.Nobody will stick at blogging for long if they think nobody is reading it so its important to discuss this and how to increase your readership. I may also include a short post adverts and monetizing your blog

I’m not an not an expert in this subject, so please do feel free to correct and error or provide additional information or make or suggestions via the comments, your opinions and view will be most welcome.

I got a lot of information when I first started blogging  from this book which has some really good tips and advice in it ProBlogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income


  1. Interesting post Geth.

    I personally started blogging when I released my first Android application. I had no intention of monetizing or such like I just felt like passing on knowledge of my experience.

    The blog initially started out as a support site for the application and slowly but surely I started adding snippets of code I'd used and so forth.

    The readership sky rocketed at that point.

    I then decided to selectively blog about my work experiences and different things I had been doing. This was tricky as you can't always give the game away too explicitly due to the sensitive nature of the work you may do. I find this most frustrating ! But of the articles I have posted I have had lots of positive feedback, especially with the vSphere training MindMaps.

    As for monetizing, this came later for me. Using Google Adsense is pretty straight forward and can be used within Android applications as well as on the blog, so its win win. I used Adsense in may app for sometime but decided eventually to pull it as I'm not a huge fan of in-app ads. Call me stupid or whatever, but in my view I didn't want to detract from the user experience.

    I personally really enjoy blogging, my biggest problem is getting the time amongst all my other work/life interests!

    I look forward to your future posts on the subject.

  2. Hi Chris,

    Thanks for taking the time to comment. I understand the time constraints it can be difficult to find the time. One of the things I suggested to Matt was was too try and post regularly, maybe once a week but definitely once a month. He is trying and once a week to start with.

    He was concerned that in sharing information. I told he needed to use his discretion but sharing also evidenced what he knows and therefore could grow his business.

    The next post is scheduled for Monday. I'd be interested in your views on that where I look at some of the platforms available

  3. Hi Gethyn - This is a good idea. I appreciate how you said you are not an expert. Let me just say - you don't have to be an expert. Sometimes it will be refreshing to read thoughts from an experienced and an "expert-to-be" professional.

    It might be worth while to invite your peers (again, need not be experts like @BrentO) from the community to write on your blog on this subject like guest authors. Just a suggestion.

    I'm sure this will make a great series. I look forward to it.


  4. Hi Samuel

    Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. I like the idea about guest authors writing posts on blogging. If anyone is interested in writing a guest post please do get in touch




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