Monday, 23 July 2012

SQL Server 2012 and summertime in London

The week just passed I have been teaching Learning Tree course 2108  SQL Server 2012 Database Administration in London. It was great week and the attendees both in-class and online seemed to really enjoy the course. We had some great questions and requests and some of these will make it into some future blog posts

Training aside though it was interesting to be in London.  About two weeks or so before the Olympics starts. The day I travelled up I think some athletes started moving into the Olympic village, there was some bad publicity around the security contractor company  not quite getting its preparation  right. In fairness (to the organisers) when you organise and event of this magnitude, you will run into problems and as long as you deal with them and put things right there is no need for this to have a negative impact on the event.  There is no doubt the excitement for the Olympics is building, especially in and around central London.

The hotel I was staying was completely sold out and will remain full for the next three weeks or so. Speaking to some of the staff it seems they are hosting guests from the international media. Some of which has arrived already. I bumped into a lot of officials all kitted out in Olympic uniform.

Outside the LEC on Eversholt Street, just up the street from the entrance to Euston station, Usain Bolts stride pattern from 100m world recording breaking race in Beijing  had been painted on the pavement. It showed his starting position, and how his stride grew in length as he got up to his top speed. His stride was almost 2m in length when he was in full flow and it showed where his nearest competitor was when he crossed the line in 9.69 seconds. They were a long way behind. I wonder if he will win by such a margin in London?

The excitement is building no doubt there will be many world records broken over the next few weeks and I’m looking forward to it.

The photo below shows Usain Bolt’s  starting position in the Beijing 2008 100 final race.

Usain Bolt's Beijing 2008 Race straide pattern


  1. Your stride pattern for 100m next to Mr. Bolts would have been a handy comparison!

  2. Mr Chiseller, Thanks for taking the time to stop by the blog and leave a comment. If its still there the next time i visit i will try and get that snap.


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