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SQL Server 2012 and summertime in London

The week just passed I have been teaching Learning Tree course 2108  SQL Server 2012 Database Administration in London. It was great week and the attendees both in-class and online seemed to really enjoy the course. We had some great questions and requests and some of these will make it into some future blog postsTraining aside though it was interesting to be in London.  About two weeks or so before the Olympics starts. The day I travelled up I think some athletes started moving into the Olympic village, there was some bad publicity around the security contractor company  not quite getting its preparation  right. In fairness (to the organisers) when you organise and event of this magnitude, you will run into problems and as long as you deal with them and put things right there is no need for this to have a negative impact on the event.  There is no doubt the excitement for the Olympics is building, especially in and around central London. The hotel I was staying was completely sold ou…

Not enough available space on destination..495GB available!

I bought a USB hard disk recently that I wanted to use to backup some VMware Workstation and some Hyper-V virtual machines for a project I’m working on.I’m running VMware Workstation on my host and a Hyper-V server on a VM inside my VMware Workstation. There will be another post on how to do this shortly, but for now I wanted to share an interesting little problem I ran into.I mounted my USB hard drive inside my VMware Workstation VM that was running Hyper-V and I tried to export one of my Hyper-V VM’s direct to my USB drive. I got error saying ‘Not enough space at the destination for the source file’ I had difficulty understanding why I was getting this error. My VM file was around 7.7GB and the free space on my hard disk was 495GB. This didn’t make much sense to me.A quick Google search and it became clear that my problem was to do the file system on my USB hard disk. FAT32 file system can only cope with files of 4GB or less in size. My USB drive was a FAT32 file system. I formatted…

Guest Post: SQL Server Installation Error by David Postlethwaite

A strange SQL installation error with even a stranger solutionThis week I was installing  SQL Server 2008 R2 Developer onto a new Dev server and everything was going fine until it got to about 70% complete when I received this errorCould not find the Database Engine startup handleWe tried installing on several other servers with the same result however our SQL Server Standard install worked fine.After a bit of digging the solution is more bizarre than the error.We had unzipped the ISO image to its constituent folders using WinZip.The recommended solution was to unzip the ISO image using WinRAR instead.We did this and the installation now works perfectly. For the latest SQL Server 2012 training courses visit or