Thursday, 28 March 2013

@LearningTree: SQL Server High Availability

Learning Tree are offering their 3 day SQL Server High Availability course this April in London. Running between 17th and 19th of April and taught by Chris Radcliffe come and learn all about SQL Server high availability and get your hands dirty with

  • SQL Server Clustering
  • Database Mirroring
  • Availability Groups
  • Log Shipping

If you would like to attend you can enrol here, you either come to London and attend in class or if you prefer you can attend online from the comfort of your own home or office.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Slide Deck–SQL Saturday Exeter

In my session (An Introduction to SQL Server Virtualisation) at SQL Saturday Exeter I told the attendees that I would be making my slide deck available after the event. In my blog post early this week where I reviewed my day at SQL Saturday Exeter I also mentioned that I was going to make my slide deck  available for download. Well it is now available on the SQL Saturday website you can download it from there and the link is below

Monday, 11 March 2013

SQL Saturday Exeter - Review

This last weekend I attended my first SQL Server Saturday event. The event was held in The Jury’s Inn in Exeter and was superbly arranged and organised by Jonathan (b|t) and Annette (b) Alan and the great team of volunteers from the SQL South West User Group.

Just after Christmas I submitted two sessions for this event one on AlwaysOn Availability Groups and another on SQL Server Virtualisation. My Virtualisation session got selected after a round of voting and discussion by the organisers which meant I was going be lucky enough  to deliver a session at the event too.

I travelled down on Friday evening, it was later then I planned, I was hoping to make the speaker dinner but unfortunately time got away from me. By the time I had checked into the hotel and gone down to look at the room I was speaking most of the speakers and and organisers were getting back from the speaker dinner. I had a couple of beers in the bar (which was full of speakers and organisers) I met a few nice people too including a DBA who is a DBA/Developer for one the top Premier League sides – Not the mighty Pool though.

I was scheduled in the first slot of the day so I had an 8am start, so I didn’t spend too long in the bar, I was  quite happy with the 8am slot as it let me get up deliver my sessions and then enjoy the rest of the day.

My session seemed to go pretty well, there a few familiar faces in the crowd including my friend and former colleague David Postlethwaite who is a regular contributor to this blog. I didn’t count the actual numbers in attendance but I think there  was between 20 and 30 which I was happy with as it was the early session.

The sessions were 50 minutes long and I took up all the allocation of time. I did cover just about everything I intended to and people seemed to enjoy it. I’ll know more about people’s thoughts on the session when I get the feedback later in the week.

I skipped the keynote speech (naughty me) which was being held in the same room as my session straight after I’d finished. I wasn’t staying in Exeter after the event so I needed to get breakfast and get checked out of the hotel.

After the keynote I had a tough decision to make, I wanted to see both Christian Bolton’s session SQL Server 2012 HA and DR Architectures and Denny Cherry’s indexing session. I chose Denny’s session as he had travelled from California to attend and speak and I hadn’t seen any of his sessions previously. Having seen Christian at several SQL Bits I thought I’d see someone new. It was a great session.

The before lunch I took in Dave Ballantyne’s session on statistics and Mladen Pradjic’s SQL Sever Injection session that were both great.

Lunch was plentiful and enjoyable, there was plenty of networking and chatting going on.

In the afternoon I took in Gavin Payne’s session on how to be a better architect, Williams Durkins’ first ever presentation on Replication and finally Neil Hambly’s session on SQL Server Waits.

All-in-all it was a great day that I really enjoyed. I’d like to thank the all the guys that helped put on the event, they worked tirelessly to ensure everything run smoothly and their efforts paid off as the event was great. I hope they organise another one next year.

Friday, 8 March 2013

SQL Saturday Exeter - I'm speaking

Just  short post for a Friday. This Saturday (tomorrow) I will be speaking at SQL Saturday 194 which is being held in Exeter.

If you have already registered then feel free to pop along to my session - I'm the first session in the Babbage starting at 8am. If that's a little early for you not to worry - there are many great sessions going on throughout the day.

I'm not sure if its too late to register but this was the registration link

Maybe I'll see you there do feel free to stop by and say hello.

SQL Saturday - Exeter

This time tomorrow morning I will be on my feet starting to  deliver a 50 minute session at SQL Saturday in Exeter. My session is titled "An Introduction to SQL Server Virtualisation"
If you are attending SQL Saturday #194 in Exeter, plan on making the first session, interested and new to the concept of SQL Server virtualisation then feel free to come along.
Here are some of the things my session will cover:
Consolidation and how virtualisation fits into it
DBAs and why some have been reluctant to embrace virtualisation
Discuss some of the benefits virtualisation offers the DBA
Why you might not virtualise SQL Server
How to migrate to virtual machines
Settings to 'tweak' that can help your SQL Server performance on a virtual platform
A demo of how hypervisor HA features can give you some nice benefits without trying too hard
That's quite a lot to cover in 50 minutes and hopefully I'll get through everything before I get evicted for the key note.
I will be making my slides available early next week (as long as I can dig out the email with the instructions on how to do it.)
Maybe I'll see you tomorrow?

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Upgrading to SQL Server 2012?

Do you have any plans in place to upgrade to SQL Sever 2012 this year. We are now well into 2013 and its been almost a year since the RTM of SQL Server 2012  which happened 1st April 2012. Service pack 1 (SP1) has been released too (, which I know for a lot of you is still contributing factor to your SQL Server upgrade decisions. “We always wait for the first service pack” is a phrase I hear frequently. I am expecting that many people will be upgrading to SQL Server 2012 in the near future.

If you need training on the new features of SQL Server 2012 for the DBA then maybe Learning Tree's 2105 SQL Server 2012 DBA skills upgrade course will be for you.

If you are upgrading soon and need the training quickly then the next scheduled run is Rockville Maryland starting 26th March. Remember even if you are based in the UK and Europe (Or anywhere else is the world for that matter) you can still attend the course in Rockville by using Learning Tree's online delivery option 'Anyware' By attending online you can attend the course in Rockville  remotely from the comfort of your home or office.

The Rockville  event is being delivered by Sharon Dooley - a former SQL Server MVP and Technical Editor of the course. If you want to enrol then click here.

Its also scheduled to be delivered in New York in May, again Sharon Dooley will be your instructor, if you would like or prefer to attend this event instead then use this link to enrol.

The course is running in Toronto starting on the 22nd may click here if you would like to attend this event.

For UK and Europe based readers the next event to run in London will be in August so why not joining me for some late summer fun in the heart of Britain's capital

Monday, 4 March 2013

Virtualising your SQL Server?

Having just completed the latest revision of Learning Tree's SQL Server Virtualisation and consolidation course I thought I'd share with you where and when it will be running and give you some links so you can enrol
The next run is scheduled for Stockholm starting May 22nd - may 24th as yet I don't know who will be delivering this course. There is a chance it will be me but I will confirm here when I get confirmation. If you would like to attend this course you can enrol here
Following that on 29th - 31st May I will be delivering 2109 at the Learning Tree Education Centre, Rockville Maryland in the USA. If you would like to join me you can use this enrolment form.
I'll then be delivering the course again in London starting between the 12th and 14th June. If London suits you best then you can enrol here.
I hope you can make one of these events. Follow the links to enrol on the event that suits you best.

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