Monday, 22 April 2013

SQL Server Training in the Summer Time

Its been a long winter so far this weekend has seen the first signs of spring here in South Wales, the Sun has been out nearly all weekend. The temperatures have been in double figures most of the time and I even got to cut the grass and fix so drain pipes.

So with the weather getting warmer and the hope that summer is on its way I wanted to let you know about some up and coming events that I will be delivering that you might be interested in.

If you planning on upgrading to SQL Server 2012 this year then you might like to come on my 2105 SQL Server 2012 Upgrade course where you will learn about all the useful new features included in SQL Server 2012. The course is running at Learning Tree’s Education Centre (LEC) this August from 14th – 16th. Come and join me three days of great training on SQL Server 2012. You can enrol online using this enrolment page.

You might be planning on running your new SQL Servers on virtual platform (VMware or Hyper-V) if so come along and join me this September when I will be delivering my 2109 SQL Server Virtualisation and Consolidation course at the LEC. If you are thinking about running SQL Server in a virtual environment then come along and pick up some tips and tricks to help you out and make the transition to the hypervisor as painless as possible. You can enrol here

Maybe I’ll see you in class, remember you can attend in-class or online, so you might not need to leave the comfort of your own home or office and still get some great training.

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