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SQL Server Training in London this Christmas

If you are thinking of upgrading to SQL Server 2012 in the near future then why not join me in London this December, Wednesday 18th to Friday  20th December at Learning Tree’s London Education Centre (LEC) which is based at Euston House on Eversholt.You can read more about the course and what we will be covering and also enrol on the course by following this link the link to enrol is on the right-hand side of the page.If you any questions for me please let me know

Superfast Broadband – can be a drawn out slow and frustrating process

I’m writing this blog post to simply to vent some frustration. I live in Wales’ third largest city, Newport and for some obscure unbelievable reason I am unable to get high speed internet. BT’s online speed check currently tells me the very best I can hope for is… I never get this, if it makes 1mb download speed I am very lucky.So back in 2012 when my BT exchange was enabled I tried to get superfast fiber broadband. The BT website said it wasn’t available to me yet. That's strange I thought to myself, I spoke with BT who said my cabinet needed to upgraded and that will be done early 2013. No worries I thought, not long now I’ll just be patient. I have no documentary evidence of this conversation, so maybe I imagined it.Then in July this year after being told by the super-fast  BT broadband checker that I still could not receive a fast broadband internet connection, I got in touch with BT again asking when I could sign up and pay them lots of money for superfast broadband. I did th…