Thursday, 17 April 2014

SSMS Auto Recovery

By David Postlethwaite

At my presentation on SQL Server Management Studio at SQL Saturday in Exeter I promised to write some articles on Gethyn’s blog about the bits I didn’t manage to cover.

SQL Server Management Studio will autosave your unsaved query every few minutes so if if your pc crashes you won’t have lost you work.
This is a similar idea to what we see in Word and Excel

Any new query will be added to the solution or project that is currently open. If you don’t have a solution open it will get save into a backup folder
My Documents\SQL Server Management Studio\Backup Files\Solution1

You can alter the recovery time
Tools -> Options -> Environment –> AutoRecover



There is a bug in Management Studio 2012 where the file must be saved first before it will starts to autosave it.
If you haven’t saved it at least once then it won’t autosave.

Management Studio 2008 and 2005 will autosave unsaved files without problem

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