Thursday, 15 January 2015

Mid-Week Update

Just a short mid-week update, David Postlethwaite has been selected to speak at SQL Saturday Vienna which is being held in Vienna at the end of February(28th Feb). David’s talk is titled   Putting Your head in the Cloud– A Beginner’s Guide to SQL Azure.

There have a been couple of blog posts written on the event which also provide David’s abstract, you can read these here

If you’re thinking of going to the event do feel free to drop into David’s session and say hello. If you would like more information on the session, get in touch with David or myself, there is a contact us form available on the blog.

If you are looking for more formal SQL Server training, I will be delivering Learning Tree’s 2108 SQL Server Database Administration which is a 4 day hands-on course that will start 3rd March in London. Although this course and its labs run on SQL Server 2014, most of what the course covers will be applicable on older versions of SQL Server. If you would like to enroll on this event or if you would like more information on the course and its content you can visit the Learning Tree webpage

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Putting Your head in the Cloud– A Beginner’s Guide to SQL Azure

David Postlethwaite will be speaking at this years SQL Saturday Vienna. The event will be held in Vienna on Saturday 28th February 2015.

You can read all about this specific event by visiting

David’s talk will be on cloud, this his abstract

Although Windows Azure and the concept of Cloud Computing has been around for a number of years it is still a mystery to many.
This talk takes a look at Cloud Computing – what it is, the types of Cloud available and their advantages and disadvantages.
We’ll then look at Windows Azure and specifically SQL Azure DB, to see how to create and manage SQL databases in the Cloud.

Session Level: Beginner

If you are going to be attending SQL Saturday in Vienna have an interest in the cloud why not pop along and say hello to David.

Monday, 12 January 2015

David Postlethwaite - Exciting news.

By David Postlethwaite

I have been chosen to speak at SQL Saturday in Vienna, Austria  on 28th February.
The organisers have just moved the event to a larger venue to cope with the expected demand.

My talk is entitled Putting Your head in the Cloud– A Beginner’s Guide to SQL Azure
I started looking at Windows Azure last year as an option for a project at work and also for some testing of a web site that I manage for my local carnival.
I soon realised that neither I nor my colleagues knew that much about cloud computing so I decided to put my new found knowledge into a “lunch and learn” presentation for work and now for SQL Saturday events. The talk takes a look at Cloud Computing – what it is, the types of Cloud available and their advantages and disadvantages.
It then looks at Windows Azure  and specifically SQL Azure DB and demonstrates creating, configuring and connecting to a SQL azure database.

There are 20 talks at SQL Saturday Vienna so if you fancy a weekend break in beautiful Vienna combined with a day of SQL training then take a look at
And don’t worry if you can’t speak German, many of the talks will be in English.

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Website Updated

Over the Christmas holiday period the website has had a bit of revamp.


In terms of what has changed, some of the holding pages have been updated and also the look and feel of the site in the form of a new template. Most of this work has been carried out by David Postlethwaite, who is a regular contributor to this blog. He came up with the new template and did all teh design work. You will hopefully be able to read some more of David’s blogs as we progress through the year and David will hopefully be speaking at a variety of SQL events in 2015. Maybe we’ll see you there.

Monday, 5 January 2015

New Learning Tree 1 Day SQL Server Training

Learning Tree has recently introduced some new 1 day virtual training events There is range of courses and subjects for you to choose from and you can find out more about these by following the link on the image below.
One-Day Express Boot Camp
These are 1 day instructor led events that you will attend online and include extensive hands-on exercises and labs to enhance the technical skills. For more information on the subjects and areas covered visit
The SQL Server 1 day online courses include:
  • Writing SQL Queries with SQL Server Management Studio • Course 4550
  • Report Development with SQL Reporting Services • Course 4556
  • Writing SQL Queries • Course 4551
  • Creating Analytical SQL Queries for SQL Server • Course 4552
  • SQL Server DBA Essentials • Course 4553
  • Introduction to SQL Server BI Tools & Strategies • Course 4554
  • Data Migration with SQL Server Integration Services • Course 4555
Remember to check back regularly as these will be updated frequently in the early part of the year.
For my UK readers you get the flexibility of attending either morning or afternoon start sessions that start at either 9am or 2pm UK time.
I will be starting to teach some of these courses in April, but they are starting as early as January, so feel free to enroll on dates and times that suit.

Friday, 2 January 2015

E-Book Offer – Coming to an End

Back in December just before Christmas I wrote a post about a deal that Packt publishing has on its ebook range over the holiday period.

Until Tuesday the 6th Januray you can get can any ebook for $5…That works out about £3 in UK money.

This includes my book, Getting Started with SQL Server 2012 Administration 


There’s just a couple of days left to make the most of this deal.

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