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Most Read: My Top 5 SQL Server Articles and Blogs

There has been some really useful blogs and articles posted over the last week or so, this is my top 5 in no particular orderInteresting post here from looking at the statistics on the uptake of SQL Server 2014 and the reluctance of businesses to move from older versions of SQL Server. There are still plenty of SQL Server 2000 and SQL Server 2005 instances out there in the wild!Azure Active Directory Authentication is in Public Preview. Check out this MSDN blog by Mirek H SztajnoThis article from SQL Server Central and Arun Sirpal on SQL Database and Azure Blob StorageSQL Server 2016: Row-level Security Example by Rajendra Gupta  SQL And R by Casimir SaternosSome interesting reading there. Get your free copy of David Postlewaites eBook Putting your Head in the Cloud: An Introduction to Azure SQL Database

Free SQL Azure eBook

As this blog post is being published David will be delivering his “Putting his Head in the Cloud – Working with SQL Azure” talk at SQL Saturday in Denmark.

In preparation for his talk David has and over the last six to seven months been working on an eBook which he has decided to release at the same time he is delivering his talk.

If you are attending David’s sessionand would like a copy even if you are not attending his session and would like a copy anyway you can download using the Free SQL Azure eBook link.

SQL Saturday #413 Denmark 2015

David Postlethwaite will be giving his SQL Azure “Putting your head in the clouds – Working with SQL Azure” at SQL Saturday Denmark on the 19th of SeptemberThe abstract for David’s session is“You've learnt the basics of cloud computing and taken a tour of Microsoft Azure. It's now time to take a deeper look at using SQL Azure.
In this presentation we will have wall to wall demos on creating, configuring, connecting, using,  securing, monitoring, uploading, scheduling  and syncing your SQL Azure database.
By the end of this sessions you will some way to becoming an Azure Jedi”If you are planning on attending why not pop into David session at 2:45pm in room 5 and learn Azure from David