Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Check out the latest and greatest...Great Value It Training Offers

Here's this weeks list of courses. At £750 plus VAT... I can't see how you can fail

1902: Linux Virtualisation 4 Day starting   4days 30th August
1197 Achieving ITIL Foundation Certification  30th August
450 Introduction to Networking 4 Days 30th August
2413 Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Services 4 Days 30th August
177 PRINCE2® Achieving Foundation & Practitioner Certification 5 Days 5th September
925 SQL Programming Language Introduction 3 days 14th September
511 .NET Best Practices and Design Patterns 4 Days 13th September
3633 .NET Best Practices and Design Patterns 5 Days 12th September
1536  Creating Dashboards with SharePoint 4 days 20th September
537 Penetration Testing: Tools and Techniques 4 Days 27th September
289 Disaster Recovery Planning: Ensuring Business Continuity 4 Days  27th September
3511 Agile Business Analysis 3 Days 5th October 
994 ITIL® Intermediate: Continual Service Improvement 3 Days  26th October

If you want to book on these at £750 plus VAT email training@gethynellis.com  

SELECT * FROM....Writing SQL Queries...

This week is my fourth week on the spin being involved in a Learning Tree Course. This week we have double bubble. I teaching a Course today and I'm Producing a course tomorrow.
Today I will be teaching a one day course titled Writing SQL Queries. This course provides and introduction to writing queries, using the SELECT statement in SQL.

If you would like to join Learning Tree I have some great courses available at a Great price. Check out the Great Value IT Training page for this week's offers.

I'll be live blogging today's  one day virtual event.

16:25 That's a wrap - a very good, the attendees seemed to enjoy the course. They're all off to practice their new skills in the sandbox environment and I'm off too...For the producer meeting for tomorrow's 244 event. I'll see you then.

16:05 Last exercise of the day looking at SET operators

15:50 SET Operators UNION, UNION ALL, INERSECT, EXCEPT to finish the day.

15:30 Exercise on Outer Joins

15:10 Started looking at out joins, I want all the rows from t1, regardless of there being a match in t2

SELECT T1.c1, T2.c1
ON T1.C2 = T2.C2

14:52 Exercise on Inner Joins

SELECT T1.c1, T2.c1
ON T1.C2 = T2.C2

14:38 Interesting discussion around inner joins and why table aliases are important. Including making your code easier to read

14:00 Chapter 3 Joins. Things are getting interesting

13:40 First lab after lunch and we're handling NULL values

C2 +  COALESCE (C3,0) AS TotalPay

13:10 Started backed after lunch with a discussion around NULL values and how to handle them in SQL queries.

12:10 Exercise done and we're off to lunch. Well I am, This is a virtual event, so everyone is attending online today. The classroom is empty.

11:48 Just starting exercise 2.2 Writing queries with restrictions. That is WHERE clauses. Also looking at sorting results with ORDER BY

WHERE C1 = 'X'

11:05 First exercise in chapter 2 and we're writing single table selects


10:20 Its the first coffee break of the morning. Exercise 1.1 completed.

10:10 With the introductions complete and the introduction to the class environment, a little refresher on relational database theory the class are looking to complete the first lab.

09:00 We are just about to start...We will be covering


With some joins thrown in for good measure. It should be a fun day.

08:30 The class is setup and we're good to go. This is a virtual event so we have nobody in the class. everyone is attending online.

Monday, 25 July 2016

Fourth Week in July

This is the fourth week of four of my July training programming and this week we have two courses that I am involved in

Tomorrow 26th July I will be teaching a one day course titled Writing SQL Queries. This course provides and introduction to writing queries, using the SELECT statement in SQL.

Following this course, from Wednesday this week I will producing the Assertiveness Skills: Communicating with Authority & Impact. I have not seen this course run before. The course page says you will learn the following

Demonstrate and model assertive behaviour for win-win outcomes
Gain self-awareness of your attitudes, behaviour patterns and habits
Develop a positive, proactive response to difficult behaviours
Exhibit confidence in your ability to address challenging situations
Enhance your skill set with proven tactics

Look like it’s going to be another busy yet interesting week. I will attempt to live blog  both events too to keep you informed on what's going on.

Friday, 22 July 2016

Day 3: Agile Fundamentals: Scrum, Kanban, Lean and XP

It's week 3 of my jammed packed training schedule this July. This week I'm producing course 918 Agile Fundamentals: Scrum, Kanban, Lean and XP After the pre-course meeting with Alan O'Callaghan on Tuesday evening and sitting through Day1 and Day 2 this is turning into an interesting week for me and I have already learned a great deal.

We have the links to the previous days:
Day 1
Day 2

You can keep up to date with the final day here on the live blog.

If you would like to join at Learning Tree this summer, check out the Great Value IT Training Page which was also updated yesterday with some great course offers.

15:30 That's me done...The class will be doing the exam I'm off home for the weekend. I'll be back next week.

15:07 Start of chapter 8 Agile beyond Software Development. Look at Agile fluency and role based development pathways.

15:00 Talking about continuous integration. Alan mentioned Martin Fowler  (Not the Eastenders Character) and his website

14:55 Interesting questions on Agile testing

14:47 Talking about Test-Driven Development (TDD)...mitigates against gold plating and programmers write to specification.

14:35 How does TOGAF and Scrum work...Have a look at this

14:15 "The road to success is always under construction." say Alan when talking about Impediments

14:05 Wrap up of the estimate chapter. Short break then we'll be onto Chapter 7.

13:40 Feeling a little chilly...Information radiators are next on the list and we're starting to look at the scrum board and  burn down charts.

13:25 Into the last half a day we go. First activity after lunch is estimating a paint job.

13:20 For some strange reason I'm singing/humming along to the song 'You've got that loving feeling...' For no reason what so ever...

In the cricket England have to got lunch 95-1 with Joe Root on top form.

In other news

12:25 Friday lunch time...A very interesting morning.

12:15 Planning poker and estimation

12:10 Talking about team estimation and story points

11:55 In a break from the class, the cricket score England are batting. Hales is out for 10. England 43-1

11:51 Daily planning

11:20 Groups have been preparing an elevator pitch

11:04 Chapter 6 Planning and Adapting

10:55 Talking about feedback...In other news England have won the toss and will bat up in Manchester :-)

10:25 First coffee break. Session ended with a discussion around whether Scrum Master is full time job. Preferably is the answer.

10:12 Discussing frequent builds

09:35 Looking at Story Sizing

09:10 Starting with a review of what we have covered so far followed by what we'll cover today.

08:25 Class is all setup and we are getting ready for the last day

08:00 Just in class setting up. The station was quiet this morning. It must be the start of the school summer holidays. A few commuters, me being one and a few cricket fans off to Manchester for the second test in a rather quiet Euston station

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Great Value IT Training - 21st July

As I have mentioned in previous posts, we have done a deal with Learning Tree to be able to offer you selected courses from their public course schedule at a great price. £750 plus VAT. We  have received this week’s updates and it includes some great courses. You can find these listed on the Great Value IT Training page  they are listed here too for convenience. Do check the offers page regularly as it is updated weekly.

There are no SQL Server courses on the list this week, however as a data professional I wold say the 1262 course Apache Spark Programming with Scala for Big Data Solutions would probably be my pick from the list

This week’s courses on offer along with the dates they will run are

3641   Implementing Lean-Agile for Business and Operations
16th August    

1262   Apache Spark Programming with Scala for Big Data Solutions
23rd August    

419     C# Programming       
23rd August    

991     ITIL® Intermediate: Service Operation
7th September

1532   Administering SharePoint 2013 Server Farms 
6th September

2013   Cyber Security Risk Assessment & Management          
6th September

1198   Achieving ITIL® Practitioner Certification         
22nd September         

3634   PRINCE2 Agile® Achieving Practitioner Certification   
24th August    

177     PRINCE2® Achieving Foundation & Practitioner Certification 
19th September          

918     Agile Fundamentals: Scrum, Kanban, Lean, and XP    
28th September

If you would like any further information please email training@gethynellis.com

Day 2: Agile Fundamentals: Scrum, Kanban, Lean and XP

It's week 3 of my jammed packed training schedule this July. This week I'm producing course 918 Agile Fundamentals: Scrum, Kanban, Lean and XP After the pre-course meeting with Alan O'Callaghan on Tuesday evening and sitting through Day1  this is turning into an interesting week for me and I have already learned a great deal.

I will be live blogging the event this week.

You can read all about Day1 here

You can keep up to date with day 2 on here.

If you would like to join at Learning Tree this summer, check out the Great Value IT Training Page

16:30 We're wrapped up for the day. Join us tomorrow for day 3 the last day of the course.

15:50 Start again on chapter 5 Customer and user involvement.

15:40 A short break after wrapping up chapter 4.

15:20 Interesting collaboration exercise done in teams

15:00 We're not looking at the characteristics of an individual collaborator

14:50 Great discussion around navigating conflict.

14:20 Just completed another team based exercise and then we're off to coffee break

13:50 Jose Mourino gets a big mention in the section on growing self-organising teams...Very interesting stuff

13:21 More talk of the compositions of teams and debriefing the prelunch activity.

12:21 That's lunch time

12:15 Another short activity looking changing roles and responsibilities

12:10 Talking about Conway's Law

12:00 Chapter 4 Building Teams and Organisational Change

12:00 WIP limits focuses the team and stop context switching.

11:45 The work in progress limit improved the ratio of getting things done dramatically compared to there being no WIP limit.

11:15 Discussing work in progress (WIP) limits and interesting game/activity to see how they can help productivity

11:10 Talking about the threats to the throughput of value

An exampled Scrum Board

10:40 Looking at Scrum and XP as Pull systems

10:20 Coffee Time

9:50 Looking at getting to "done"

9:30 Working in groups the class have been developing value stream maps for the process 'nuts to soup' for making a pizza. They will use this shortly to make a Kanban board.

09:00 We are starting Day 2 at Chapter 3: Value-Driven Development. Talking about the Iron Triangle of Scope, Cost and Time

08:30 Class is all setup and good to go and people are starting to arrive, we'll start class at 9am

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Day 1: Agile Fundamentals: Scrum, Kanban, Lean and XP

It's week 3 of my jammed packed training schedule this July. This week I'm producing course 918 Agile Fundamentals: Scrum, Kanban, Lean and XP After the pre-course meeting with Alan O'Callaghan last night I think this will be an interesting week for me and I will learn a great deal. I know a bit about Scrum already and this week will help reinforce and refresh my knowledge on Kanban, Lean and eXtreme Programming (XP) too.

I will be live blogging the event this week. You can keep up to date with all the goings on here. If you would like to join at Learning Tree this summer, check out the Great Value IT Training Page

16:30 See you all tomorrow morning at 9am. When we start with Chapter 3 - Value Driven Develoment

16:30 A quick debrief of the activity and that chapter 2 finished and its the end of the day.

16:20 Short group activity looking at XP

16:15 Talking about XP and we're looking at
  • Test-driven development
  • Continuous Integration
  • Refactoring
  • Pair Programming

16:05 Next up is Extreme Programming (XP)

16:00 A lot of good points made on the difference between Scrum and Kanban

15:50 A group activity looking at and exploring the difference between Scrum and Kanban.

15:30 Lots of good examples of waste.from In-process inventory, extra processing, motion and others.

15:20 Lean, Kanban and the seven wastes are next up. Getting examples of waste from attendees environments.

15:00 A break after the activity and about roles and responsibilities in Scrum.

14:10 Great discussion in chapter 2 about the accountability in Scrum. Short break then we are going to do a group activity the class will explore the responsibilities and different Scrum roles.

13:30 we are back from lunch and Alan is answering questions that have been put on the question board.Only question posted was around practice questions for the Learning Tree exam. There are no practice questions but Alan is giving some exam hints and tips

13:10 Lunch time walk around Euston to get some fresh air. How the weather has changed in a week or so. From cold and rain to sunshine and heat. Its warm out there this afternoon. I'm complaining though. I'd much rather it be like this than cold and wet in July.

12:26 Lunch time

12:15 As we move to  lunch we are comparing phased development to Agile development

11:30 Class discussion around the 12 Principes behind the Agile Manifesto

11:00 We are getting a  timeline of Agile, very interesting history

10:46 We are starting again, with Chapter 1 Agile: Values and Principles

10:31 Chapter 0 Complete and coffee break time.

10:27 Course Objectives

Although the course is Scrum focused as most of the 'agile' market use Scrum the course also covers Kanban and Lean too. The course objectives this week are:

  • Understand the key differences between traditional and Agile approaches to software development
  • Focus on business value as the main driver of product development
  • recognise the main elements of the most used approach to Agile
  • Identify the need for role change and investment in people
  • make the case for new forms of customer and stakeholder engagement
  • Plan in short-term horizons and adapt quickly to changes
  • Appreciate impediments as opportunities to improve continuously 

10:25 talking about pseudo agile practices. I have seen these happen.

10:20 Activity 0.1 Class vote on benefits that agile might bring to projects. Sample answer below is what one of the groups voted on

09:50 The second online group introduce themselves to the class

09:20 Group introductions under way. Lots of networking going on.

09:15 Alan is introducing himself his certifcations and his consultancy. Have a read about Alan at www.emerald-hill.co.uk. Safe is the popular framework for scaling agile. Interesting to know that.

09:00 As always we have started with chapter 0 and the introductions

08:30 Class starting to fill up

08:00 In early in the first to get things setup. We have 23 attendees this week. 13 in class and 10 online. So we'll be using the electronic whiteboards and AnyWare to allow our agile teams to work together and collaborate.

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

What's the difference between Scrum, Kanban, Lean and XP?

…I’m about to find out.

Continuing with the July training programme,  this week I producing Learning Tree course 918 Agile Fundamentals: Scrum, Kanban, Lean and XP.

You can read about what I do as a Producer here

This course number 918,  has previously run under  a different course title so even though the course code is the same it’s a  completely new course and new material for me. The old course was related to Scrum and Project management so it was in the agile curriculum. In fact,  I know a little bit about Scrum and hopefully I’ll get my ScrumMaster certification later this year. Kanban, Lean and eXtreme Programming (XP) not as much.

I know a little bit about – Lean and Kanban from my business degree years ago but eXtreme Programming (XP) I currently know very little about so this will be good introduction for me.

Like the 294: Influence Skills course  that I was Producer  on a couple of week ago, I will Live blog from the back of the class this week.

If you want to catch up with what happened during the influence skills course you can read live blog for the here

I’ll be having the pre-course meeting online with Alan – the lead instructor this week later on this afternoon. We’ll discuss the exercises and activities and how they will play out. With twenty four students, eight  of which are attending online its promising to be an exciting week.

If you would like to Join us for some great training this summer, here at gethynellis.com we have partnered with Learning Tree to bring you some amazing offers on the public course schedule this summer. Check out the Great Value IT Training Page for details on the courses

Friday, 15 July 2016

TGI Friday (Live Blog Day 4)

Its been long but productive week at Tree Tech

This week I’m teaching Learning Tree’s course 2108 SQL Server Database Administration in the LEC in London. Following on from last weeks success live blogging from the back of the room whilst producing the 294 influence skills course, this week I’m in the process of trying this from the front of the class.

You can read all about the previous days here
Day 2
Day 3

Yesterday afternoon we discovered that Jason won the in-class competition, we'll find out this morning what present he selected.

We'll have a little Friday competition today - a couple of people from the class can win a copy of each of my books in the class raffle

15:15 I'm off to catch my train home. Have a good weekend everyone. Next week its

15:10 Everyone has completed the exam. I fully expect everyone to pass.

14:10 We are just starting the course exam.

13:45 Quick look at SQL Server Auditing to finish off the course

13:10 Last exercise of the course we're creating some maintenance plans to automate all the jobs we want to run.

12:51 Interesting discussion in the instructor lounge this lunch time around women in technology.

12:07 That's lunch then, finished up looking at maintenance plans

11:40 We are now looking at DBCC CHECKDB and discussing why it is important that we run it regularly. We're going to fix a corrupt page in our exercise too.

11:15 Looking at indexes and fixing index fragmentation

10:31 We'll start again with last chapter. Chapter 7 - The care and feeding of your databases. We'll discuss the regular maintenance task that we need to carry out.

10:16 Coffee break time,

10:15 Simon won a copy of SQL Server 2014 book and Pete won a copy of my Azure IaaS book.

10:01 Setting up some alerts... Always fun

09:40 Next up is alerts

09:30 Continued exploring the agent. Looked at multi-step jobs now we are implementing a proper backup strategy for the orders database.

09:00 Jason the winner of the in-class competition decided to chose the binoculars as his prize.

08:30 Class is all setup and good to go

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Live From @LearningTree London Backup and Restore - Day 3

This week I’m teaching Learning Tree’s course 2108 SQL Server Database Administration in the LEC in London. Following on from last weeks success live blogging from the back of the room whilst producing the 294 influence skills course, this week I’m in the process of trying this from the front of the class.

You can read all about the previous days here

Day 3 three focuses on the most important area of SQL Server Database Administration in my opinion. Backup and Restore. We cover everything from restoring restoring user databases to recovering broken servers.

If you need any help with your disaster recovery planning and implmentation. Check out our SQL Server Consulting Page

You can follow how today goes here on the blog

16:30 With the backup job for Human Resources created. That's going to be it for the day. We'll start again in the morning looking database maintenance tasks.

16:05 Creating a backup job for the Human Resources database.

15:45 Started looking at agents jobs and configuring the agent to work with database mail.

15:30 Chapter 6 is working with the Agent. We're about setup database mail so we can configure some alerts and notifications.

15:00 We are going to look at automating a lot of these tasks in the next chapter.

14:50 Everyone has recovered the databases and the SQL Servers are backup and running. Phew! I think everyone deserves a coffee

14:45 Log block version 2 is not supported. Interesting error.

14:10 after some dicssion around rebuilding and restoring the master database, the group are now attempting to run through the recovery process. Rebuilding master and restoring then restoring the orders database to a point in time. Fun stuff.

13:30 - We're getting to the creating chaos section of the lab. I'm starting to get nervous for the attendees :-)

13:10 - We are back after lunch, with a hands-on exercise backing up user and system databases, then we'll create some chaos

12:10 Lunch on day 3 - We have a fun afternoon to look forward too.

12:05 Looking at why you should backup the system databases and the frequency with which they should be backed up

12:00 Discussion around transaction log backups, why they are important and the role they play in being able to recover a database to a point in time.

11:40 - Looking at creating a full database backup and a differential database backup

11:05 Setting our databases up with the correct recovery model

10:40 We'll start again by looking at restore scenarios

10:25 Coffee Break Time

10:00 Discussion the different types of Recovery mode

  • Simple
  • Bulk Logged 
  • Full

And their implications and what we need to do to manage the log.

09:30 Started talking about the transaction log  and its importance in the SQL Server recovery process

0900 Review of yesterday and did some practice questions on what we have covered so far. 

08:30 Classroom is setup and people are beginning to arrive

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Live from @LearningTree London - Security Day - Day 2

This week I’m teaching Learning Tree’s course 2108 SQL Server Database Administration in the LEC in London. Following on from last weeks success live blogging from the back of the room whilst producing the 294 influence skills course, this week I’m in the process of trying this from the front of the class.

Day 1 yesterday, went well. You can read the live blog from day 1 here

Today on day 2 of 2108 SQL Server Database Administration and our second day as Tree Tech's DBA we'll be focusing on security and building a robust security model for our databases. We have a little bit to discuss around moving and migrating databases first though. Last night's session ended with the an exercise where the attendees  migrated a couple of databases to our new SQL Server 2014 instance using detach and attach. This morning we'll look at backup and restore.

16:30 Drinks....

16:15 Finished up with the security exercise, and then its time for after-class drinks

15:55 In the last exercise of the day we are putting the final touches to our security model.

14:50 Lots of good discussion around object level permissions and how best to implement them. I'm a fan of database roles and using Windows groups personally.

14:35 - Afternoon Coffee Break

14:35 Exercise complete and we've got the end of chapter 3. Our security model is taking shape. We have all the necessary roles created in both databases...After break we'll look  at managing permissions.

14:10 Second exercise this afternoon we are creating some database roles to be used in implementing the new security model on our orders database.

13:35 Discussion around orphaned logins and fixing them using SP_CHANGE_USERS_LOGIN and SP_HELP_REV_LOGIN

13:15 Exercise creating some logins, both Windows Authentication and SQL Server Authentication logins.

12:16 Lunch a few phones and walk around the Euston area and we'll be starting back at 13:15.

12:15 Went to lunch with a discussion around the dedicated admin account and how it could be useful in getting yourself out of whole when everything else around you server wise is hung up.

11:45 Exercise on creating user defined server roles

11:30 Discussion about user-defined server roles next up...and a short exercise on creating them.

11:20 Good discussion around the SQL Server security model. Looked at the different scope of permissions. Talked about the dangers of server scoped permissions and giving those out unnecessarily. We are starting fix the Tree Tech security model

10:25 Morning Coffee Break

10:20 Interesting discussion around database migration and monitoring data file space.

09:00 We are going to start with brief recap on yesterday, then we'll look at the alternatives to detach and attach as a  method of moving databases.

08:45 - The breaking SQL Server news overnight was that SQL Server 2014 Service Pack 2 has been released. You can download here.

08:30 Class setup and people are starting to arrive.

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Are you a new SQL Server DBA? Live Blog @LearningTree

This week I’m teaching Learning Tree’s course 2108 SQL Server Database Administration course in LEC in London. Following on from last weeks success live blogging from the back of the room producing the 294 influence skills course, this week I’m going to try it from the front of the class.

Course 2108 SQL Server Database Administration is designed for new Database Administrators or DBAs covering: 

  • Installation
  • Security 
  • Backup recovery 
  • Maintenance.
And everything else in-between.

I’ll keep you posted on the topics as we cover them, the hands-on exercises that we complete and any useful questions that we get. I’ll probably have enough questions for a series of blog posts by the end of the class.

16:30 The class has just wrapped up for the day. All migrated to SQL Server 2014. Tomorrow will be our security day. and we'll start checking off issues on our task list.

Tune in tomorrow to find out how it pans out.

16:10 It seems that one of the students database has got a corrupt human resources today and it wouldn't attach to the new instance...We're in good shape though. We have a good, corrupt free backup. Phew!!!

15:55 Second exercise in the chapter, migrating our mission critical databases to SQL Sever 2014.

15:25 - Looking at upgrade paths to SQL Server 2014 and the various methods, backup and restore, detach and attach for moving databases and the pros and cons of in-place upgrades v side by side migration. We also discussed the upgrade advisor and why its a useful tool in identifying issues that you may encounter so you can fix them before the actual upgrade.

15:10 First exercise in this chapter is creating a simple single data file database.

15:00 Introduction to the SQL Server transaction log and what its used for. A discussion around file placement and separating data and log file and how SANs muddy the water a little.

14:40 - Afternoon break Interesting discussion about the benefits and drawbacks of home working.

14:15 Chapter 2 - Database Management and Creation. Loks at storage stutcures, how to create a database, techniques for moving databases and managing and monitoring databases

13:50 Exercise on exploring the SQL Server tools, Good exercise some good questions too. People found the standard reports very useful.

13:15 A good discussion around the various tools that you can use to manage SQL Server. Started with Management Studio, discussed Configuration Manager, SQLCMD and PowerShell.

12:15 Lunch - its raining here in London a quick dash around Euston station to get some 'fresh' air and a bit of walk turned into a dodge the rain exercise.

We have 20 attendees this week, 13 in class and 7 online. A Nice number

11:45 Discussion around system databases and the role each plays and why each is important.

11:25 First hands-on exercise of the day. Installing SQL Server

11:00 Discussion around best practices for installing SQL Server in production

10:25 Coffee break now, when we start back we'll look at key features of SQL Server

10:10 So we started on chapter 1. Looking at the the problems the new Tree Tech DBA has inherited.

9:35 Class introductions underway. Everyone making friends

09:15 Introduced the course objectives:

  • Administer SQL Server
  • Install and Configure SQL Server
  • Upgrade from prior versions
  • Manage and Monitor databases
  • Security
  • Backups and recovery
  • Automating tasks using the Agent
  • Monitoring and ongoing maintenance 

08:45 Class is starting to fill up. 15 minutes and counting until we start.

08:30 Class is setup and people are starting to arrive. We have 20 in total including 7 people attending via AnyWare

Friday, 8 July 2016

Influence Skills: Live from @LearningTree London Day 4

We've made it to the final day, day 4 of Learning Tree  course 294 Influence Skills: Getting Results without  Direct Authority.

Today the attendees will do a fairly comprehensive exercise putting into practice all that they have learned this week.

You can read all about the first 3 days by following the links below

Influence Skills: Day 1
Influence Skills: Day 2
Influence Skills: Day 3

If you want to join as at the LEC in London  or online why not check out the Great Value IT Training Page to see what offers you can benefit from this week.

14:00 The course exam is about to start...and that's me done. It's been a great week. I'm off home with my case.

13:15 debrief of the exercise and then we move to close the course

12:30 That's the activity complete time for lunch. Debrief after lunch.

12:10 Ideas being presented

12:00 Interesting discussions as the groups prepare and I think we have a winner for the competition too...Winner to be announced shortly.

11:25 Influence Skills last activity the directors have been briefed, now the people doing the influencing are getting prepped.

11:00 Chapter Last major Activity. Pre-activity reading and group discussion will take us up to lunch.

10:40 After watching some interesting leadership videos its time for a coffee break.

10:25 Leadership Styles

10:10 Looking at multiple perspectives

09:55 Eric the online attendee who is French, living in Germany. tells the class last nights Football was a win win for him. France beat Germany 2-0 to reach the final in Paris Sunday.

09:46 Parmjit asks if doing the activity over anyware changed the dynamics. That is doing it online as opposed to face to face. Attendees in class found the online interaction worked really well....Good to know. Ola says that he is trying to use lots of the skills and techniques he has learned this week.

09:45 Feedback on the activity "Exercise was fun, the debrief was most beneficial in terms of learning."

09:35 Lots of valuable feedback being delivered on the role play.

09:20 Role play is going pretty well. Online group are doing a great job.

09:00 We are starting with a review.

08:30 People are starting to filter in and everyone seems excited that its Friday. Or Bag Day that I often hear it called when I'm in London. Lots of bags and cases and people looking forward to travelling home for the weekend.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Influence Skills: Live From London Day 3

The main news this morning: Wales' heroic efforts at the Euros came to end last night with a 2-0 defeat to Portugal. I'm feeling a little sad this morning but what a great effort in getting to the semi-final.

Anyway there'll be more great stuff on influence skills this morning as we head into day 3. You can read all about the first 2 days by following the links below

Day 1
Day 2

If you want to join as at the LEC in London  or online why not check out the Great Value IT Training Page to see what offers you can benefit from this week.

16:30 That's it for today lots of laughter and discussion about the roles being taken on for tomorrow's activity.

16:15 Finishing the day with prep for tomorrow's activity.

16:00 Chapter 6 - Multiple Perspectives

15:40 - Start again with practice on Aikido talk. I think this will be fun. No buts. No buts. Did you see what I did there?

15:20 Coffee time - double espresso for me.

15:00 We're onto Aikido talk - being in harmony with your opponent.

14:55 Discussing the difference between pushy and arrogant.

14:35: More fun with the MAD team. Looking at and discussing challenging behaviour videos

14:15 Real life stories around how Parmjit deals with difficult behaviours

13:55 Political intelligence is the next discussion

13:30 Interesting discussion around the trusted employee video. With lots of real life examples

12:30 Lunch 

12:05 Power videos examples of the different types of power in action

11:45 Chapter 5 Power and Politics - are you politically savvy?

11:30 Debrief of the exercise, then a discussion on avoiding the potential influence traps.

11:00 This is really good activity. The class seem to enjoy the role play

10:30 Interesting activity applying some of the techniques developed this week.

10:15 Coffee Break

09:55 Interesting chat about language and whether your are more left or right brain.

09:30 Interesting discussion about left and right handed people.

09:20 Most of the class have entered the competition. Parm going over the last big exercise which will be tomorrow morning.

09:05 Parmjit going over the options for the course exam and class competition. Some great prizes on offer

09:00 And we're off - what do we remember from yesterday.

08:55 Seen a lot of my English chums today, most I haven't seen all week. Yet today they come and find me.

08:30  All setup and ready to go for Day 3

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Do you have Influence? Live from London Day 2

Live from London Day 2

In the most important news of the day, Wales play Portugal in the semi-final of the Euros later….I’m so excited, I can’t wait.

Last night we asked the question do you want to retain your best employees. We in partnership with Learning Tree UK have some great offers to help you do that. Check out our Great Value IT Training page.

Anyway before that we have day 2 of 294 Influence Skills: Getting Results without  Direct Authority. You can read here what happened in Day 1

16:30 It's been a really great day here @Learning Tree UK  talking about influence and techniques and strategies that can used to improve your influence. We'll be back tomorrow at 9am for day 3

I'm off to watch the mighty Wales play Portugal in tonights semi-final. See you tomorrow.

16:05 Talking about assertiveness, what assertiveness means and how it can be used to influence

16:00 Now we are on bargaining, pros and cons of it. Another great video.

15:40 Looking at Networking and impact on influence... another great video

15:35 Bit off topic for today ...Just got pinged a blog post from Learning Tree about the release of SQL Server 2016 and the fact developer edition is free. You can read it here 

15:30 We are back from break talking about the personal appeal video

15:15 Coffee Time - Chat through the coffee break was interesting Parmjit asked how he got into his line of work...

15:10 From logic to personal appeal. Interesting videos. 

14:45 Discussion around using logic as a strategy and what that involve and how you would use it.

14:28 Puzzle with the King a Knight and the princess...and a Game of Thrones version. Interesting answer. Clever Knight.

14:25 Chapter 4 Influencing Strategies

14:12 Feedback on how difficult it is to listen to everything and how you become selective in what you listen too. Its not an easy process.

14:01 Lots of active listening going on, with productive feedback.

13:32 Starting back after lunch with listening exercise. Attendees online working with attendees in class.

13:30 We are back after lunch, another chat about Brexit and implications

12:30 Lunch time

12:25 Listening exercise when get back from lunch. This is usually a fun activity.

12:07 Listening v Hearing

11:25 Still talking about rapport and distinguishing people in rapport. Video on rapport too. Very Interesting

11:24 Sarah Burrell Client Solutions Manager has France. Jane Jane Jane Jane Jane Jane Jane!!!!

11:13 BREAKING NEWS ON THE Euros (Sweep Stake). Learning Tree's Director of Operations David Orledge has Portugal in the sweep. Clare Frost IR Co-ordinator  has Germany. I'm waiting on the holder of France. I've really hope Jane wins the sweep, however one game at a time I'll be happy today if Dave loses his money.

10:50 We're talking about rapport. 

10:25 Morning Coffee break. Lots of talk about Iceland and how well they did at the Euros. More talk of Wales. Learning Tree's Jane White has Wales in the Learning Tree office sweep stake. I doubt very much she expected to still have her pound in the game at this stage...

10:15 Obstacles to trust discussion

10:00 Group discussions around trust an enhancing trust and breaking trust and the consequences of it.

9:25 Interesting video on a difficult trust situation. Video is quite humerous but everyone got the point it was making.

9:00 We are off and running talking about what we learned yesterday and what individuals learned from the day. Trust v Rapport 

8:50 Lots of chat about Wales' historic semi final this morning in the pre-class chat. I must admit I'm already very excited already. Hopefully I will be able to contain myself until 4.30pm

8:30 It’s 8:30 we’re all set up and we’ll be off and running at 9am. Stay tuned for updates

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