Thursday, 21 July 2016

Day 2: Agile Fundamentals: Scrum, Kanban, Lean and XP

It's week 3 of my jammed packed training schedule this July. This week I'm producing course 918 Agile Fundamentals: Scrum, Kanban, Lean and XP After the pre-course meeting with Alan O'Callaghan on Tuesday evening and sitting through Day1  this is turning into an interesting week for me and I have already learned a great deal.

I will be live blogging the event this week.

You can read all about Day1 here

You can keep up to date with day 2 on here.

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16:30 We're wrapped up for the day. Join us tomorrow for day 3 the last day of the course.

15:50 Start again on chapter 5 Customer and user involvement.

15:40 A short break after wrapping up chapter 4.

15:20 Interesting collaboration exercise done in teams

15:00 We're not looking at the characteristics of an individual collaborator

14:50 Great discussion around navigating conflict.

14:20 Just completed another team based exercise and then we're off to coffee break

13:50 Jose Mourino gets a big mention in the section on growing self-organising teams...Very interesting stuff

13:21 More talk of the compositions of teams and debriefing the prelunch activity.

12:21 That's lunch time

12:15 Another short activity looking changing roles and responsibilities

12:10 Talking about Conway's Law

12:00 Chapter 4 Building Teams and Organisational Change

12:00 WIP limits focuses the team and stop context switching.

11:45 The work in progress limit improved the ratio of getting things done dramatically compared to there being no WIP limit.

11:15 Discussing work in progress (WIP) limits and interesting game/activity to see how they can help productivity

11:10 Talking about the threats to the throughput of value

An exampled Scrum Board

10:40 Looking at Scrum and XP as Pull systems

10:20 Coffee Time

9:50 Looking at getting to "done"

9:30 Working in groups the class have been developing value stream maps for the process 'nuts to soup' for making a pizza. They will use this shortly to make a Kanban board.

09:00 We are starting Day 2 at Chapter 3: Value-Driven Development. Talking about the Iron Triangle of Scope, Cost and Time

08:30 Class is all setup and good to go and people are starting to arrive, we'll start class at 9am

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