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Influence Skills Live from London Day 1

This week I am producing course 294 Influence Skills: Getting Results without  Direct Authority. I wrote  what being a producer means here. Today I’m going Live blog the event so you can get a feel for the types of topics covered in the course and the activities that the class complete.
If you would like  to attend this course, or any other learning Tree course for that matter email

Day 1 -  5th July 2016

16:25 That's it for today...A very interesting and enjoyable with lots of great discussions. Tomorrow I think I'll learn a lot too. See you then.

16:15 Debrief discussing if you're more honest at home or work. Interesting discussions.

16:00 Activity now telling the truth regardless of the risks. Interesting conversations taking place in class and online.

15:47 Chapter 2 Building and Enhancing Trust. how trust can help you influence others. talking about What is Trust.

15:35 Back in the room talking about Win-win: Dovetail outcomes. Whats in it for me, whats in it for you? What's in it for us?

15:18 We go to break talking about desired outcomes and gaining commitment.

15:00 Talk has moved on to cost and risk

14:11 Discussion moved onto critical influence factors. Including the perception of value

14:06 Analysis turned to Brexit political leaders. Did they all really backup the outcome they said they did?

13:33  Started again with a group discussion about examples of positive and negative influence. There is a fine line between the two.

12:30 Lunch, conversation in the instructor lounge was around Brexit and it implications. A walk around Euston Station, which never fails to be busy then back to class. In class lots of chat around taxis, and the impact of Uber. Interesting chat. Start again at 13:30.

12:05 - Basic Concepts discussion around positive influence and manipulation.

12:00 Discussion moved to your  comfort zone and trying things you haven't tried before.

11:45 The first person to stand-up gets the contents of Parmjit's pocket...Only one person stood up. I can't tell you what was in there...The person that stood up said there was a level of trust there with Parmjit as reason for standing.

11:22 Someone said Claudia (MAD Director) scares her...She'd like to understand why.

11:20 talk moved to phobias - I don't like spiders. 

11:05 Interesting questions about Filters in analysing the MAD videos.

10:36 Its Video and scenario time, we're meeting the MAD directors - interesting bunch.

10:35 Courses objectives

  • Gain buy-in
  • Deal with challenging behaviours
  • Overcome resistance
  • Enhance trust
  • Gain commitment
  • Win-win
  • Use knowledge, competence and personal persuasion
  • Practice 

10:35 for those of you wonering who Dennis Ritchie is

10:15 Coffee Break

10:10 Group 1 went for Nigel Farage, and Muhammed Ali, Group 2 went for Barak Obama and Nelson
Mandela and Group 3 went for Napolean, Stalin and Dennis Ritchie

9:45 Interesting lists of people being disucssed

09:28 First activity … think of 2 people you think are influential

09:10 Introductions well underway

09:00 Just about ready to start, we have 11 people in class and 5 online. with people from Portugal, Romania and Germany joining us.

8:45 Nearly ready for the off


08:30 Welcome to course 294. The room is setup and we’re ready to go. Attendees are starting to arrive. The class starts at 9am so currently a bit of meeting and greeting going on with Parjit getting to know and meet the class.


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