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Spring Training: Developing SQL Queries for SQL Server

Just a short post for a Tuesday to let you that I will delivering Learning Tree’s 534 Developing SQL Queries for SQL Server course in Learning Tree’s London Education Centre. It’s a four day course starting on Tuesday 19th April and will complete on Friday 22nd April. Its a really great course and come the end of the week you will have learned to:Develop complex and robust SQL queries, test queries and avoid common pitfallsLeverage SQL to apply best practices for solving problemsQuery multiple tables with inner joins, outer joins and self-joinsTransform data with built-in functionsSummarise data using aggregation and groupingYou can join in class and on-line, which ever method best suits your needs and of course if you do attend in class you can join me for a beer/wine/soft drink and some buffet food at the drinks reception on the Wednesday afternoon after class has finished. if you would like to attend you get more information on the course and how to enrol by visiting the Developing…

Introduction to SQL Server: The Main Components

There has been much talk recently in the SQL Server community about writing introductory level blog posts. Posts that a new person just starting a career as a data professional using Microsoft's SQL Server data platform could use to learn all about the product. This made me think I about writing  a series of introductory posts covering some of the basics.

Usually everyone's first thought when he or she think about is SQL Server, is it’s a database platform. Its used by businesses and organisations to structure and store its important data and used to support applications and services that support the organisation. This is very true,  SQL Server does have a very powerful and ever evolving database engine. However there is much more that falls under the 'SQL Server' umbrella than just the database engine.

Database Engine The core of the SQL Server family is the database engine  and this what most people think of when discussing SQL Server. Microsoft SQL Server is very pow…