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Putting your Head in the Clouds–An Introduction to Cloud Computing and Microsoft Azure

If you attended David’s session Putting your Head in the Clouds today at SQL Bits today you can download the create database script and his slide deck from the links below:SlidesScripts
Also David mentioned his eBook in the talk today you can download that for free using the link below
eBook – Putting your head in the Cloud

Free eBook – Azure SQL Databases

Word Wrap in SQL Server Management Studio

I was delivering a SQL Server upgrade class last week in Toronto Canada. I got asked a slightly off topic question. It went something like this…“Can you get the text in management studio to word-wrap?”Word-wrap is not on by default. You can see from the image  below we have scroll bar which we need to use to read the full lineIt’s a small thing, but I had never looked for this option before. Not knowing the answer I went straight to my demo machine and started looking at the SSMS optionsTools > Options > expanded the Text Edit
You can see there is an option for word wrap in management studio. If you choose Word wrap and the sub-option to show a glyph when the text has wrapped you get word wrap
It helps makes your code easier to read too and removes the need for a scroll bar.