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Introducing SQL Server Reporting Services

In an earlier post I introduced the SQL Server umbrella and briefly discussed a number of products that make up the SQL Server stack. One of those products and a key element of the SQL Server family is SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS). SQL Server Reporting Services is Microsoft’s enterprise reporting platform.

SQL Server Reporting Services compliments the other components that sit under the SQL Server umbrella. Your reports can be developed to present data from both the SQL Server relational databases and Analysis Services cubes. However it is important to note that the data source doesn’t have to be a SQL Server database or analysis services cube. It can be any data source that SSRS can connect too using OLE DB or ODBC connections. I have many clients who run other database platforms such as oracle but utilise SSRS as their reporting solution.
Competitor products and tools available on the Market that compete with SSRS include but are not limited to  Crystal ReportBusiness Objects

BREXIT…IT professionals need a plan… much like the UK government

The events that have unfolded over the last few days since the shock result that the BRExit referendum delivered, has, quite rightly caused a huge amount of press coverage in the UK. The remain camp are very upset and angry at the result, mainly because they can see possible negative connotations that BREXIT and leaving the European Union might bring in economic and social circumstances to people in the United Kingdom. The leave group seems quite shocked that they have actually won and got the outcome that they wanted.

It seems that the result came as a shock to everyone especially the leave group. Having got the result they wanted however, they don’t actually seem to know what to do next and nobody it turns  out actually has a plan for what to do next. With potentially  3 months of a sitting duck Prime Minister and nothing actually happening doesn’t sound like a great plan…more likely 3 months of uncertainty, political wrangling and of course Boris.

I read a great Facebook post over …

IT Training: Super Duper Deal!!

In the wake of last week’s BREXIT vote and subsequent fallout, I decided to delay making this announcement until today. I wanted to ensure that this deal didn’t get lost in the shockwaves of the referendum result. has been working in collaboration with Learning Tree since 2010 writing, developing and delivering high quality SQL Server training courses around the world. Learning Tree delivers a range of high quality IT Training courses on a range of topics from SQL Server, Windows, .NET, Networking, Security, Agile, Project Management, Sharepoint and the list goes on.

After some discussion in recent weeks here at we have come to agreement with Learning Tree UK, who have very kindly agreed to make available a range of seats on its public course summer schedule to readers of this website and to our social media connections. These will be made available at a superb rates of £750 (Plus VAT)  which I think you’ll agree is suitable for most training budgets l…

SQL Server 2016 RTM – Is Anyone Still Waiting for the First Service Pack?

Well most of the SQL Server news last week focused around the launch of SQL Server 2016. SQL Server RTM dropped on 1st June and a quick twitter poll, suggests that some  people at least will be deploying SQL Server 2016 in production before the end of the year. These findings, granted on a very small sample, imply that least some people will be deploying SQL Server 2016 in the next six months. I still hear some people say, that they will wait for the first service pack of new SQL Server release  before looking to deploy and migrate their production datatbases to the latest SQL Server release.
Back in the day, probably SQL Server 2000/2005, possibly even later than that with SQL Server 2008,  I generally recommended waiting for the release of the first service pack, mainly because SP1 usually fixed all the bugs that was included in the RTM version, things howver have moved on since then.These days having the first service pack mentality is probably slightly backward thinking.  Microsof…