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TGI SQL Friday – Weekly round up 26th August 2016

The SQL Server news this week is there is no news!
No this is not the 1930’s BBC.
There are no links here this week because I have been on holiday and not keeping up with latest blogs and articles so I don’t have much to post this Friday.
I have been taking it easy, like Dude the turtle

The regular links post will be back next week. As we approach the end of summer, with the new school term just around the corner the TV here in the UK will soon be X-factor and Strictly Come dancing undoubtedly  there will be lots of interesting projects around the corner. September will be a busy month for me, I have two 534 developing SQL Queries for SQL Server to deliver and some interesting SQL Server Consulting work too.

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TGI SQL Friday - Weekly Roundup Friday 19th August 2016

Its been a lovely week here in the UK as we approach the end of August. Sun has been out, i have however haven been busy and not seen much of the sun...Yet.

SQL News
Master Data Services Tips and Tricks - Svetlana Golovko

SQL Server 2016: Cloud, Olympics and SQL Server - Gethyn Ellis
David is talking at the Scandinavia SQL Saturday events
Introducing a new Github Repository and PowerShell scripts for Reporting Services - Microsoft Blog

Query Store, Force Plan and Dropped Objects - Grant Fritchey

New Reporting Services 2016 Features -  Michael Otey

How to Start Troubleshoot Parameter Sniffing - Brent Ozar
Other News
Interview preparation techniques by Erica Woods
What is Enterprise Architecture  by Gethyn Ellis
Blogger Turns Tables on Cyber Scammer

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Great Value IT Training from @LearningTree #SQLServer - 17th August 2016

This weeks great value IT training deals are in. This being SQL Server blog I would like to draw your attention to the following courses which are great value for £750 plus VAT

535 26-Sep-16 Developing High-Performance SQL Server® Databases
140 11-Oct-16 SQL Server® Reporting Services
532 25-Oct-16 SQL Server Transact-SQL® Programming

The full list of courses offered at £750 is here

1362  05-Sep-16 Power Pivot for Excel®: Mining Data for Business Intelligence
982 14-Sep-16 ITIL® Intermediate: Service Strategy
535 26-Sep-16 Developing High-Performance SQL Server® Databases
2411 04-Oct-16 Windows Server® 2012 Administration
1253 03-Oct-16 Introduction to Data Science for Big Data Analytics
977 11-Oct-16 Building Web Applications with ASP.NET MVC
140 11-Oct-16 SQL Server® Reporting Services
211 19-Oct-16 Business Analysis Introduction: Defining Successful Projects
998 17-Oct-16 ITIL® Intermediate: Service Offerings and Agreements
143 18-Oct-16 Linux® Introduction
532 25-Oct-16 SQL Server Trans…

David @postledm is at #SQLSaturday

It is that time of year when the Scandinavia holds its SQL Saturday events and once gain I have been invited to speak
I will be at SQL Saturday Gothenburg ( 27th August to showcase some of the new features in SQL Server 2016 
I will  then be speaking at SQL Saturday Copenhagen ( September 17thfor my most selected talk on Kerberos for the SQL DBA. 
Looking forward to visiting these wonderful cities again. Hope to see you there

What is Enterprise Architecture?

This is an interesting question. Lets look at couple of definitions starting with Wikipedia’s definition
“Enterprise architecture (EA) is "a well-defined practice for conducting enterprise analysis, design, planning, and implementation, using a holistic approach at all times, for the successful development and execution of strategy. Enterprise architecture applies architecture principles and practices to guide organizations through the business, information, process, and technology changes necessary to execute their strategies. These practices utilize the various aspects of an enterprise to identify, motivate, and achieve these changes.”
The Wikipedia definition is actually a quote from Federation of EA Professional Organizations, Common Perspectives on Enterprise Architecture, Architecture and Governance Magazine, Issue 9-4, November 2013 (2013).
ISO/IEC 42010:2007 defines "architecture" as:
"The fundamental organization of a system, embodied in its components, their…

TGI SQL Friday – Weekly round up Friday 12 August 2016

This week has seen the launch of my new SQL Server newsletter in conjunction with Learning Tree. If you would like to sign up go to and you’ll start receiving the regular newsletter, keeping you  up to date with the latest news and views in the world of SQL Server
Aside from the newsletter it’s been a busy week of client work -  SQL Server Consulting. Specifically migrating a SQL Server Reporting Services environment to a new version.
Here’s a round-up of the links that have interested me this week. There is some SQL Server and SQL Server 2016 specific links included in the list. There are  links in the list from other technology areas too along with some fun stuff for a Friday.
SQL Server
Exploring SQL Server CPU Usage with XPerf -  by Dan Buskirk
SQL Server 2016: Keeping Up With the Latest Technology -  by Gethyn Ellis
Delivering reports via email using and email server outsideyou network - by Riccardo Muti
Cumulative Update #1 for SQL Server 20…

SQL Server Newsletter @LearningTree

As many of you know I have been delivering Learning Tree training courses since way back in 2010. Combing training course delivery along with my other SQL Server consulting work has been very rewarding. Delivering training with Learning Tree are always very enjoyable weeks for me. My main focus in that time with Learning Tree in that time has been on SQL Server training courses.
In that time, I have also been writing about SQL Server here on I have written two SQL Server training courses for  Learning Tree. One course has since retired the other course  SQL Server 2012 Skills upgrade course is still running.  I have also written two books with Packt Publishing:
Getting Started with SQL Server 2014 Administration Microsoft Azure IaaS Essentials
Well now I will be writing on an additional platform. I will be writing and contributing to Learning Tree’s SQL Server blog and also writing Learning Tree’s SQL Server newsletter. We are still working on the frequency that these …

Great Value IT Training 9th August – Automate with PowerShell

It’s that time of the week when the Great Value IT training page gets its weekly update and this week there are some great courses on offer.
One course that  I would like to draw you attention to is 969 Windows PowerShellAutomating Administrative tasks. PowerShell is undoubtedly a very powerful tool in the Microsoft world. It can work with on-premises windows deployments Azure and SQL Server and is undoubtedly a very a useful tool in both system administrators and DBAs toolkit. You can attend the London event starting 13th September either in class at the London Education centre or online via AnyWare for the bargain price of £750 plus VAT
There are some other great courses in the list too for anyone from business analysts, developers and project managers. Drop me an email if you would like to attend any of these events for the bargain price £750 plus VAT
3504 7th September Soft Skills Training for Business Analysis 969 13th September Windows PowerShell: Auto…

Top 5 books on Enterprise Architecture

My post the top 3 books for becoming TOGAF certified punlished   last week looked at books on preparing for the TOGAF certification. Those books were specific to passing the TOGAF exams.  What if you wanted to learn about Enterprise Architecture without the focus being on passing a certification exam? 
I like the following books
Enterprise Architecture Principals at Work: Modelling Communication and Analysis - Principles: The Cornerstones of Enterprise Architecture - Introduction To Enterprise Architecture: Third Edition - Architecture As Strategy: Creating a Foundation for Business Execution - Enterprise Architecture - the Eight Fundamental Factors: A practical guide to the eight fundamental factors that are common to all EA approaches and frameworks 

If you have a preference of your own do leave a comment and I’ll add it to the list  

Great Value IT Training early August Update

Its that time of the week when get the latest Learning Tree courses that have been available for £750 plus VAT. I'm sure that you will agree that this is great value IT Training

There is something in here for everyone. As a data and SQL Server person I think the SSIS 134 course is great value. I also think the Technical Writing Introduction is a great course too. (I have in fact taught that one before, although I'm not teaching this event)

If you would like to join any of the courses listed below for £750 plus VAT please email

517 Developing Enterprise Java Applications with Spring & Hibernate 4 Days 30th August
319 Technical Writing Introduction 4 days 30th August
1254 Extracting Business Value from Big Data with Pig, Hive & Impala 4 days 6th September
327 C++ Programming Introduction 4 days 6th September
296 Project Management: Skills for Success 4 days 6th September
286 Risk Management for Projects, Programmes and Operations 4 days 6th Septe…

Top 3 books for Becoming TOGAF Certified

I  often get asked what books are useful for preparing for the TOGAF certification exam. The resources are generally from the open group but you can get them from Amazon and other leading book stores:
The Full TOGAF 9.1 document - you can get this document free from the Open Group website The TOGAF 9 Foundation Study Guide. This is ideal if you are taking the part 1 foundation paper TOGAF 9 Certified Study Guide is an excellent resource for the Part 2 paper.

If you have any resources that you would recommend for preparing for the exam do leave a suggestion in the comments.