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An Introduction to Conatiners and Docker: Switch to Windows Containers

This is Chris Gibson's second post. This post follows on from his first post called: An Introduction to Containers and Docker. You can read all about Chris on our About Us Page

Introduction So far you have a fresh install of Docker for Windows, which is cool.  However, by default Docker installs a Linux VM to run your containers.  You want to run Windows containers so need to change this.  Luckily Docker makes this easy, but with one potential gotcha.

Locate the Docker icon in the system tray and right click - you will see an option in the menu labelled “Switch to Windows Containers...”

Once you click this, Docker will start the switching process and you will see a “Docker is switching…” message pop up.

After a few moments, Docker will prompt you to enable the Windows Container feature.  Click ok, wait for the install and automated reboot.

When you next log in, Docker will start as normal and you should be all ready to start playing with Windows Containers right? Nope. If you open…

Dividend Tax Changes and Brexit – Damaging to UK IT company creation

In my previous post titled UK Budget 2017 –The Death Knell for Small Business? We scratched the surface in discussing how economic decisions made during political events like the budget, can impact on business creation and people’s wiliness to follow their ideas and dreams and start their own business. 2016 was a pretty big year from an IT contractor/Consultant perspective. New dividend tax and Brexit were amongst the political changes that appear to have impacted on the IT Contracting and Consultancy industries.

UK Budget 2017 – The Death Knell for Small Business?

Well I suspect not however I suspect it will likely have a major impact. What has this got to do with SQL and Data I hear you ask? I’m going to provide a little background first. Over the last week or so it has been an interesting political week here in the UK. We had the annual government budget statement. This is where the government gives us an update on the overall financial health of the economy/country and introduces policy changes, around things like taxation and how the tax monies will be spent.  Throw that into the mix, Brexit and the triggering of article 50 looks imminent at the time of writing.

If you work as an IT Contractor or consultant running a business in the IT field, you are likely to be affected by some of the changes announced to the tax system in the recent budget. For example,if you run a limited company another huge cut in dividend relief, following on from the cut that came into effect in April 2016. All in all, if you are self-employed or run a company you w…