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Permanent Employment v Contracting: How the figures stack up

In my latest learning tree newsletter, I discussed analysing some of the salary survey data that the good folks over at collected and made available back in January 2017. The data is very interesting and in my first post on this topic over the learning Tree blog, we looked at using some simple SQL statements to query and analyse the data.
In this post we will take our analysis a little deeper and look at how the survey breakdown by country. We will also be particularly interested in the breakdown between permanent employees and contractors/freelancers, starting by looking at the breakdown by country.
In the first query, here we will look at the average (mean) salary grouped by  country (we’ll use the Group By clause and group on the Country column). We'll also use the RANK function to allocate a rank (or position in a list – think of a golf tournament or leader board or league table), to the average salary of each country; show where in the world pays the best for …