Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Why Projects Fail...Free Session, Free Beer and Free Food

Why Projects Fail...Free Session, Free Beer and Free Food 

Mark Williams and myself will delivering a seminar called #Not the GDPR news in Cardiff on the 19th April...

#Not the GDPR News

This is not a session on GDPR!

This is the session abstract

Want to do The Right Things? Want to do Things Right? Want to make something happen successfully? Well…why don’t you come along to CPSGroup, Cardiff, Thursday 19th April and hear & join in with Wyeden’s Mark Williams and Gethyn Ellis from gethynellis.com, get 40+ years of project experience distilled into one evening, as they discuss and facilitate comment with you and your peers? Book here Interested but can’t make it? Register here, webinar to follow later in year.

It is free for you to register...click  the link which will take you to the EventBrite website. Your name and email address is all you need to register. If you register and come along to the session on 19th you'll not only get a great session but there will be some free drinks (beers and soft drinks) and nibbles too.

If you know someone, a friend of colleague who would also enjoy this session feel free to forward it on to them.

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