IT Recruitment

IT Recruitment

Are you a business looking for high quality staff either full time or part time, permanent or contractor then here at we have a large pool of IT professionals of whom we have personal knowledge that may just fit the bill.

If you are looking for SQL staff then drop us a line with your requirements and we may have just the right for for you

Finding the right IT talent and successfully recruiting of those people can be a difficult task. With our experience, network of IT professionals, inside knowledge of the IT industry we are in a fantastic position to help you through the recruitment process.

We can help you draft job descriptions, analyse of CVs, select the right interview candidates and we can also help at the interview stage with such things as technical interview questions and personal skills.

We can help at each stage of the recruitment process.

We can help with the following job types and skills
  • IT Helpdesk
  • Desktop Support
  • Database Team Managers
  • SQL Server DBA
  • Oracle DBAs
  • Developers
  • Data Scientists
  • Technical Architects
  • IT Programme/Project Managers

If you would like a free consultation on your recruitment needs please do feel free to contact us

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