Monday, 21 June 2010

Football Update

Well the World Cup is now half way through, 32 games played, 32 games to go. The talk here in the UK has focused around England their poor start. Two games played, one goal scored, one goal conceded, two draws, no wins, no losses, and they seem to lurch from crisis to crisis.

Starting with the goalkeeper and his now infamous error, moving onto what can only be described as a very poor display against, one of the weakest, on paper anyhow, teams in the competition in Algeria and now ex-captain John Terry being publicly critical of ‘Don’ Fabio and the ‘Don’ calling this his ‘Big Mistake.’ The ‘Don’ stripped Terry of the captaincy earlier this year for Terry’s off the field antics with his best friend and England Team mates girl friend. As a direct result of this Wayne Bridge is taking no part in the World Cup and retired from International football. From a semi independent point of view it looks like Terry is determined to leave his mark on this competition one way or another.

So we look forward to England last game of the qualifying group. What is a must win game for England if they are to progress to the last 16 and between now and Wednesday they need to curb their infighting, pull together and the best out of a ‘Golden Generation’. Which I personally find a strange tag as this side has never achieved anything of significance on the international stage. There are some ‘World Class’ players in this England Squad in the form of Rooney (who in my opinion is choking under the pressure to perform) Gerrard, Lampard and even Terry. They don’t seem to be able to find the class they show for their respective clubs when playing in the same team for England. They need to work out how to do that pretty quickly if they are going to progress and sustain it if they have real aspirations of winning the competition.

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  1. England are coming on the next plane.


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