Thursday, 8 July 2010

SQL Bits 7 – The 7 wonders of SQL

SQLBitsLogo I have been procrastinating this evening, I have several blog posts that I want to write but the football is on TV and my wife is writing up an assignment for her Master’s degree  and she wants me to proof read her work. So while I’m waiting for the next instalment of her assignment I thought I would do my bit to promote the  SQLBITS conference. I have another post all about learning that I intend to write this weekend for TSQL2sday but this is simply a blatant plug for the SQLBITS conference. This is lifted from the website:

“We are pleased to announce SQLBits - The 7 Wonders of SQL conference, which will be taking place from September 30th to October 2nd at York University. SQLBits is the largest SQL Server conference in Europe and the previous six conferences have established it as a must-attend event for DBAs, developers and BI professionals who work with Microsoft SQL Server in the UK and Europe. We are making this the biggest event ever with capacity for over 500 SQL Server professionals.”

It is a great event, I have only attended one, the community day of the SQLBITS Goes West Conference  held at the Celtic Manor in Newport(The venue of this years Ryder Cup which incidentally is being held on the same weekend as SQLBITs). I saw presenters like Brent Ozar, Simon Sabin, Justin Langford and Christian Bolton give top class presentations on SQL Server…All for free! It was a great day.

It is a great opportunity to get some top class SQL Server training at very little cost.

If you are interested in presenting a session at the event then you can submit your abstracts here. The last I heard they had 56 sessions submitted already but they needed more.


  1. Are you presenting at this years event ?

  2. No I don't think so, I probably need to cut my teeth on something smaller first. What about you are/have you submitted any sessions?


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