Friday, 29 April 2011

A Royal Wedding: A Day Off

This is a little off topic:

Well Well, it’s the 29th April and all being well in about 2 hours from now the second in line to the throne will be getting married. Wherever you are in the world I’m sure the pictures will beamed straight to your TV. I understand that they are expecting about 3 billion people to tune in! I had around 100 friends and family at my wedding, it was on TV (recorded at least) and photographed and it was in a 700 year old castle and I was pretty nervous. We never even made the Welsh news though, never mind international television, nobody offered me a magazine deal either but I’m not at all bitter :-).  Don’t worry you won’t be getting a blow by blow account of it here. But it is a non-billing day day off here in the UK, when the wedding was announced at the end of last year it was decided by those that know best that this should be a public holiday. hoorah!

So my question for the Friday is what are you doing with your one day off, if you have one?  –  Anyone having a party? Anyone been invited? Let me know in the comments :-)

More relevant news this week, Microsoft has increased the cost of it certifications from 1st July. You can find out how it affects you.

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