Friday, 10 June 2011

Planes Trains and Automobiles

I was going to write a short post showing some useful queries that can help you manage your vCentre environment, by querying the vCentre database you can get some really useful information about your virtual setup. That was going to occupy my time as I travel back to South Wales after spending the week in London. That though will have to wait. (Don’t worry that will follow shortly) I have had a very busy week but now have lots of things to write posts about. The last few months for me have been extremely busy and I haven’t had a lot of time to post much that will hopefully change now.

Anyway as usual I have digressed. The train home is not much short of a Joke, you are not allowed by law to overfill a car, if a car has five seats you can carry a ,maximum of five people, health and safety and it’s the law. Ryanair once joked about stand-up seats but that has never been taken seriously and there is no way that they would let you overfill and aircraft.. “I’m sorry Mr Ellis you flight has been over booked and you have been chosen as the victim, you’ll have to get the next one!” Buses have a maximum capacity too. Trains though it seems do not have to obey the same rules, there is about 100 seats in this carriage, all full (I’m lucky I have one). yet somehow the train people seem to think that it can fit 250 people with the rest standing. I know trains are one the safest modes of transport but if there were an accident on this train, a lot of people would have very little to cling onto.

I don’t have a solution, it is Friday, people want to get home for the weekend, hey I’m one of those but I’m just saying, that’s all. Maybe an extra train or even and extra carriage would be useful.

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  1. The last dozen or so train trips I have made (all short distances) have been free of charge. No conductor anywhere in sight! It's no wonder they have to charge a fortune for the commuter routes and cram them on like sardines. If i was in charge things would change prrrrs. I'd sort the cretins out!


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