Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Sharon Dooley’s Lightening Talk and the WIT Luncheon

At the end of last week I received an email from my friend and colleague Sharon Dooley telling me her “Lightening Talk” had been accepted and she would be speaking at the Summit in October. Sharon has many years experience in the IT industry, a former SQL Server MVP, currently working as a trainer and course author specializing in SQL Server. She is a volunteer with PASS and is the Virtual Chapter Lead for the DBA virtual chapter. Sharon is also involved in the Women in Technology virtual chapter.

A couple of weeks ago Sharon and I were chatting about the PASS Summit and even though she hadn’t submitted a full session she was considering submitting a lightening talk. Sharon doesn’t currently maintain a blog so I said if she did submit a talk and it was accepted I would promote her “Lightening Talk.” Sharon has a really awesome query that returns a user’s permissions; she will be demonstrating this query during her talk. She also promised to share the query with us after the Summit so those of us who can’t get to Seattle can use it too. So we’ll have an excellent guest post to look forward to later in the year.

There will be more details on Sharon’s talk to follow but Sharon has asked me if I would mention the PASS Women in Technology Luncheon at which she is also on the Panel. The 9th Women in Technology Luncheon and Panel discussion will take place at the PASS Summit in Seattle on Thursday October 13, 2011. This year's topic is: Make Yourself Heard: How to Ask for What You Want at Work. In 2003 the first Women in Technology panel discussion was held at the PASS Community Summit. Since that inaugural panel, the WIT event has been a highlight of the Summit, with captivating speakers and lively discussion on topics relating to women in the field of technology. Participants at these panel discussions were eager to continue networking and learning from each other which led to the launch of the WIT Virtual Chapter. You can find more information on the Women in Technology Luncheon and the virtual chapter in general here ( ) You can follow the Chapter on twitter @PASS_WIT or following the #PASSWIT hash tag.

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