Tuesday, 6 March 2012

First SQL Server 2012 Launch Event

I asked a few questions on twitter this morning after a friend of mine said they were have problems downloading RC1 of SQL Server 2012 – I wasn’t aware there was an RC1 which prompted my question and after some discussion on twitter it seems that I was right. If anyone knows to the contrary please leave a comment below. Thanks to @retracement @fatherjack and  @onpnt for taking the time to answer my question.

The twitter conversation did bring up some other interesting comments too. Tomorrow is the first ‘launch event’ of SQL Server 2012. I’m not sure yet whether we are going to get an RTM version, another release candidate or nothing at all. From my twitter conversation it was obvious that nobody knows for certain when we will get an RTM of SQL Server 2012. Some thought it would be very soon with first launch event tomorrow, others remain unconvinced that it will be tomorrow, maybe later in the month or even later in the year. I guess time will tell.

The ‘virtual’ launch event that is taking place tomorrow is still open for registrations, if you would like to attend then you need to register. This link should have all you need to get yourself registered


Which leaves the questions, I wonder if its SQL Server 2012 RTM day tomorrow?

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