Monday, 24 September 2012

SQL Server Virtualization and Consolidation

December this year will be a great month for me. I am scheduled to deliver my new Learning Tree course 2109 SQL Server Virtualization and consolidation Hands-On in both  New York and London this December and I’m very much looking forward to both events.

This course runs in New York on the 5th December


Or if you prefer come and see me deliver the course in London on the 12th December


Whichever city is best for you, both these cities are great in the run up to Christmas. So not only get some great SQL Server training but also take in the Christmas spirit in either New York or London. Maybe I’ll catch you at one of these events?


  1. Is there going to be a Free beta for this course? :)


  2. Hi Ayman,

    The Beta was at the beginning of September in Reston. It went well. I was surprised not to see your name on the sheet :-)

    It went really well

  3. Oh snap! I was in Egypt on vacation for most of August and I so I wouldn't have been able to attend most likely. You know the whole unspoken rule "you shouldn't go for a week of training after you come back from a month of vacation."
    I've used my training voucher for Data warehousing Training which starts after two weeks. Maybe next year I will be able to attend this course if our budget allows.
    I'm glad it went well, I really do enjoy the beta courses because there is a lot of back and forth with the instructor and it's good to feel like you are helping create something for others to use.


  4. Keep any eye out on the learning tree website there is often a beta or pilot event that you can attend for free or very little cost

  5. I noticed they have a whole page dedicated to those courses and signing up for them. I'll check back every once in a while. I'm hoping there will be a Beta SQL 2012 Performance Tuning class soon.

  6. I don't know about that course to be honest. Sharon Dooley would be able to tell you.


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