Wednesday, 12 September 2012

SQL Server Virtualization

This past summer I have been working on a new course for Learning Tree 2109 SQL Server Virtualization and Consolidation: Hands-On. Having gone through several projects with my clients  that have involved migrating physical servers to a virtual environment this seemed like a course that could be useful for a lot of databases administrators. As organisations move toward a ‘virtualize first’ approach to all server deployments the DBA will be expected to follow suit and migrate their SQL Servers to run in a virtual environment. If you get the configuration right it is possible for SQL Server to run perfectly fine in a virtual environment. You can also make use of some of the hypervisors features to the benefit of your SQL Servers.

Last week I was delivering the beta event for the course. A beta or pilot is the first time that the course is delivered in-front of a live audience. There is no cost or a very low cost to attending a beta/pilot events (pilot events events are offered at heavily discounted prices) all Learning Tree ask is you provide feedback throughout the week on the course and its content.   This process helps the course author and the development team make changes and improvements to the course going forward. We had a great group of students last week who gave some great feedback. From what they have said they really enjoyed the course and the suggestions they have made are already being included in the next revision.


If you would like to attend a Learning Tree beta or pilot event click here to see the schedule of up and coming beta and pilot events. Most Learning Tree beta events are held in Reston VA just in case you wondering about location but please see the specific event for exact location details.

Now we have been through a large portion of the development cycle and the beta event is complete for 2109 SQL Server Virtualization and Consolidation: Hands-On the course will go through another revision which will allow us to revise the course and make any changes that have come out of the beta event.

If you’d like to attend the course you can come and see me deliver 2109 SQL Server Virtualization and Consolidation: Hands-On in the following locations

This course runs in New York on the 5th December


Or if you prefer come and see me deliver the course in London on the 12th December


You can also attend this course in Canada, Sweden and France and it will run on regular schedule throughout 2013 check out the Learning Tree website for dates and times.


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