Wednesday, 19 September 2012

To the cloud!

This last year or so I have been backing up my important files to cloud. I started using SkyDrive and Windows Live Mesh. This has been great thus far. You get 5GB free and that has been adequate for me needs in the main. You can choose specifically the files and folders on your device  that you want to sync with the cloud and it works seamlessly.

This last weekend though I wanted to using a cloud based backup product that would work with Windows XP (64 bit). Windows Live Mesh and SkyDrive doesn’t seem to work with this version of Windows. I had received  several emails from Google recently promoting Google Drive. So I tried that it worked a treat. I have it installed on my old Windows XP 64 bot laptop. My Windows 7 Laptop and my iPad and works perfectly well. You get 5GB free. One small issue is you don’t seem to have the options that you have with Windows Live Mesh and SkyDrive in that you need to put the files and folders you want to sync in specific Google Drive folder. Aside from that though its great, you can share files using Google Drive and work with Google apps to if you wish. So far it has been really useful.

I know that dropbox is quite popular and even though I have an account I have not really used it just yet. What do you use and what would you recommend for backing up your important files to the cloud


  1. I use all three that you mention!
    I use SkyDrive for documents that I want to be able to edit online and share with other editors too.
    I use Google Drive for email attachments and other things that I'm likely to need to access for download.
    I use Drop Box for . um. yeah, not too sure on DropBox either at the moment.

    I'd openly suggest that I am still working out what works best for me. On my home internet connection synching to the cloud is a pain so I limit what I put there. One day when I get a grown-up connection (more that 500kbps) then I'll happily commit more

  2. I'm with you Jonathan. I'm still trying to work out what works best. I think I need something but what shape that takes is still open for discussion. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.


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