Friday, 14 September 2012

Two Hundred Up

I was working on my blog this last week when I realised I was approaching my 200th blog post on I thought this event warranted a post of its own and this is it.

My blog in this guise started back in 2009 but before that I had maintained a website that kind of acted as my blog before that since 2007. Unfortunately a lot of my 2007-2009 work got lost when I fell out with the hosting company. But this is my 200th post on this blog and its been an interesting and beneficial experience. I have written technical posts on SQL Server, posts about the blogging process and posts about me and what I do.

My blog in syndicated on and and one of the benefits of syndication is the increase in traffic and exposure that you can get. This week, Thursday sent around 500 unique visitors to my site. The site normally gets around 100 but that number fluctuates depending on the day of week, how often I have been posting and holidays etc. It is always nice to see a spike in visitor numbers


Thus far blogging has been very rewarding and has no doubt helped and contributed to the growth and success of my consulting business. It is an activity I enjoy and hopefully I’ll be back in the next couple years with celebration post when I reach the 300 club.

Enjoy the weekend!

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