Saturday, 1 December 2012

SQL Server Consulting Blog–Saturday Stats 1st Dec 2012

This post is little experiment I’m trying out this weekend. The SQL Server Consulting blog has been up and running since 2009  when it replaced my old website as my main publishing medium. Since that time traffic has steadily grown and one thing that' I’ve noticed recently is how different posts can vary in the number of page views they get each week. The top 4 most read blog post this past week were

Aside from the last post that was published last week and the only none technical post these are older posts, older than a year old. Now When I write a similar post maybe next week it will be interesting to see if there are any changes to this top 4 in terms of the traffic that they attract.

These are two posts on SQL Server virtualisation  that I think will make it into the rankings at some point soon

And to finish up the three blog posts from the SQL Server blog sphere I have enjoyed reading  this week.

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