Sunday, 9 December 2012

SQL Server Consulting Blog–Sunday Stats

I’m going to continue with my series of posts on analysing how well my SQL Server Consulting blog has done in terms of traffic this week, I’m doing this just as a way of document how well or not so well the blog is doing in terms of performance, traffic and rankings in the search engines.

The number of blog posts published  was reduced this week on my  SQL Server Consulting blog but in terms of visitors and page views there has been a nice steady increase in traffic. Especially later in the week.There has also been a shift in the ‘popular posts’ figures with some posts dropping and some changing positions.

I have also noticed an increase in what Google terms SPAM comments on certain posts this week.Basically people are leaving comments on older posts, usually saying nice things that include a link back to their site, which would create links back to their site (Backlinks) that would help improve their search engine page ranking (SERP) Maybe there is some correlation between these comments and the traffic increase. Hopefully though having read a few pieces on SEO (The good type, not the bad) that the blog is appearing higher and with more frequency with the search words that I would like to be found with. I guess this series will help determine if this is true

The top four most viewed posts on my SQL Server Consulting blog this week are

When we compare to last week blogs stats we can see there have been some changes in what posts were the most popular and as predicted my Configure Hyper-V on VMware Workstation VM post has crept into the top four posts

Last week was pretty busy for me, I spent the week delivering some SQL Server Training in New York City I was delivering Learning Tree’s 2109 SQL Server Virtualization and Consolidation: Hands-On course. There will be more on that in a future post but that did mean that I didn’t keep up with my blog reading so I have no posts to recommend this week.

Visit my SQL Server Consulting page for more information on the consulting services that we offer.

Visit my SQL Server Training page for more information on the SQL Server Training courses I teach through Learning Tree

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