Friday, 4 January 2013

SQL Server Contracting and Business Network Wales - LinkedIn Groups Updates

I have been doing some work on some LinkedIn groups that I manage and look after over the holidays. There have been two in particular that I have been working on.

SQL Server Contracts – I set this group up in 2009. Its purpose was connect SQL Server Professional and contractors who were looking for their next contractor role with agents and clients who looking for a SQL Server professional from contract assignments. This group now has nearly 600 members, so if you are looking for a SQL Server Contract role or you looking for a SQL Server contractor then this could be the group for you. Feel free to become a member

Business Network Wales – This group was also set up in 2009 but with a different objective. The purpose of this group was allow businesses and people based in Wales or wanting to do business with Welsh based businesses to connect and network online. Again this group has been relatively successful and is fast approaching 500 members. If you feel that this group could be of benefit to you then feel free to join. It is an open group and your membership will be automatically accepted once you have joined.

Of course you can always connect with me on LinkedIn you can find my profile here

I have always liked LinkedIn and the fact it is a social network site for business, you know what you are getting. If you feel that being members of the groups could be beneficial to you please do feel free to join. Membership is open so you will be accepted automatically and you may just find an opportunity that can help you

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