Tuesday, 12 February 2013


LinkedIn sent me an email on Monday that said my profile was in the top 5% of viewed profiles in 2012!

Check me out yeah I’m a social media mogul. Smile


Then I realised I have no idea what that number means so I did a few calculations. It seems  LinkedIn have surpassed 200 Million users and they are having a party.  I couldn’t find any stats on how many of the 200 million are active. It looks like they don’t make that information available but no doubt there are at least some duplicates in that figure and no doubt that at least some of those users are not active on LinkedIn.

So I managed to quickly burst my social media mogul bubble  by doing some calculations

Lets assume that all 200 Million users are active, Being in the top 5% means that my profile view numbers are in the top 10 Million users. Suddenly I don’t feel so special any more.

If we assume that 100 Million or 50% of the 200 Million members are active then my profile is in the top 5 Million active users. Slightly better but still not top 10 material.

So if you read my blog and you are not connected to me on LinkedIn then send me a connection request and I’ll happily accept. Maybe I can get in the top 1% of viewed profiles in 2013

Did you get an email too? Where were you ranked?


  1. Do they define anywhere what constitutes as a 'view 'of your profile?

  2. not that I can find...I thinks its pretty meaningless but wondered if anyone else had received something similar

  3. I did get an email, and it told me I was in the top 1% - I kind of thought it was just marketing bull****, and that everyone got the same email - maybe not!

  4. Top 1% that's pretty impressive.

    As Jonathan said we now need to know how a 'profile view' is defined.


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