Wednesday, 7 May 2014

I’ve Written a Book…Getting Started with SQL Server 2014 Administration

That’s folks you heard it here first. Since the end of 2013 through to April this year I have been working a book called “Getting Started with SQL Server 2014 Administration” the book is pretty much a look at the new features that would interest the DBA working with the latest and greatest version of SQL Server 2014.It got released last week at the end of April/

Getting Started with SQL Server 2014 Administration

You can get it from the publisher and all the leading book websites. I haven’t seen it in Waterstones yet but I’m hopeful. The rumors of orderly queue forming out the Waterstone’s in Newport the night before its release had no foundation. Apparently there was just a long queue for the night-club next door.

Anyway you can pick your copy here

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