Thursday, 15 January 2015

Mid-Week Update

Just a short mid-week update, David Postlethwaite has been selected to speak at SQL Saturday Vienna which is being held in Vienna at the end of February(28th Feb). David’s talk is titled   Putting Your head in the Cloud– A Beginner’s Guide to SQL Azure.

There have a been couple of blog posts written on the event which also provide David’s abstract, you can read these here

If you’re thinking of going to the event do feel free to drop into David’s session and say hello. If you would like more information on the session, get in touch with David or myself, there is a contact us form available on the blog.

If you are looking for more formal SQL Server training, I will be delivering Learning Tree’s 2108 SQL Server Database Administration which is a 4 day hands-on course that will start 3rd March in London. Although this course and its labs run on SQL Server 2014, most of what the course covers will be applicable on older versions of SQL Server. If you would like to enroll on this event or if you would like more information on the course and its content you can visit the Learning Tree webpage

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