Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Do you have Influence? Live from London Day 2

Live from London Day 2

In the most important news of the day, Wales play Portugal in the semi-final of the Euros later….I’m so excited, I can’t wait.

Last night we asked the question do you want to retain your best employees. We in partnership with Learning Tree UK have some great offers to help you do that. Check out our Great Value IT Training page.

Anyway before that we have day 2 of 294 Influence Skills: Getting Results without  Direct Authority. You can read here what happened in Day 1

16:30 It's been a really great day here @Learning Tree UK  talking about influence and techniques and strategies that can used to improve your influence. We'll be back tomorrow at 9am for day 3

I'm off to watch the mighty Wales play Portugal in tonights semi-final. See you tomorrow.

16:05 Talking about assertiveness, what assertiveness means and how it can be used to influence

16:00 Now we are on bargaining, pros and cons of it. Another great video.

15:40 Looking at Networking and impact on influence... another great video

15:35 Bit off topic for today ...Just got pinged a blog post from Learning Tree about the release of SQL Server 2016 and the fact developer edition is free. You can read it here 

15:30 We are back from break talking about the personal appeal video

15:15 Coffee Time - Chat through the coffee break was interesting Parmjit asked how he got into his line of work...

15:10 From logic to personal appeal. Interesting videos. 

14:45 Discussion around using logic as a strategy and what that involve and how you would use it.

14:28 Puzzle with the King a Knight and the princess...and a Game of Thrones version. Interesting answer. Clever Knight.

14:25 Chapter 4 Influencing Strategies

14:12 Feedback on how difficult it is to listen to everything and how you become selective in what you listen too. Its not an easy process.

14:01 Lots of active listening going on, with productive feedback.

13:32 Starting back after lunch with listening exercise. Attendees online working with attendees in class.

13:30 We are back after lunch, another chat about Brexit and implications

12:30 Lunch time

12:25 Listening exercise when get back from lunch. This is usually a fun activity.

12:07 Listening v Hearing

11:25 Still talking about rapport and distinguishing people in rapport. Video on rapport too. Very Interesting

11:24 Sarah Burrell Client Solutions Manager has France. Jane Jane Jane Jane Jane Jane Jane!!!!

11:13 BREAKING NEWS ON THE Euros (Sweep Stake). Learning Tree's Director of Operations David Orledge has Portugal in the sweep. Clare Frost IR Co-ordinator  has Germany. I'm waiting on the holder of France. I've really hope Jane wins the sweep, however one game at a time I'll be happy today if Dave loses his money.

10:50 We're talking about rapport. 

10:25 Morning Coffee break. Lots of talk about Iceland and how well they did at the Euros. More talk of Wales. Learning Tree's Jane White has Wales in the Learning Tree office sweep stake. I doubt very much she expected to still have her pound in the game at this stage...

10:15 Obstacles to trust discussion

10:00 Group discussions around trust an enhancing trust and breaking trust and the consequences of it.

9:25 Interesting video on a difficult trust situation. Video is quite humerous but everyone got the point it was making.

9:00 We are off and running talking about what we learned yesterday and what individuals learned from the day. Trust v Rapport 

8:50 Lots of chat about Wales' historic semi final this morning in the pre-class chat. I must admit I'm already very excited already. Hopefully I will be able to contain myself until 4.30pm

8:30 It’s 8:30 we’re all set up and we’ll be off and running at 9am. Stay tuned for updates

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