Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Do You Want to Retain Your Best Employees?

I think you do.

According to a report by Oxford Economics  it costs in excess of £30K, or if you prefer, at today's  exchange rate, about $40k to replace a member of staff.

Providing your staff with learning and development opportunities is proven to help in retaining them.

Some employers’ have resistance to training their staff because of the perceived cost of the training.  The Learning Tree courses listed below at standard prices retail around the £2000 mark. This is not true for all the courses listed but roughly speaking its about £2k per course.

The price of one weeks training when compared to the cost of replacing an employee who might leave as result of the lack of training is much less.

So moral of the story is the price of training is insignificant compared to the cost of replacement…

However I can beat that...and go one better. Here at gethynellis.com we have partnered with Learning Tree to offer some of their summer course public schedule at hugely discounted rates. In some cases the discount is well over 50%.  The courses available on offer this week are listed below are all available at £750 plus VAT.  

Now that’s a bargain and will help enormously in staff retention, which we have already established replacing an employee is costly business. If you would like to book a place one of these courses this summer then drop me an email at training@gethynellis.com and I’ll with Learning Tree for you attend the course at these discounted rates

2056 Identity Management
2nd August 2016

1813 Certified ScrumMaster
1st August

140 SQL Server Reporting Services
2nd August

983 ITIL Managing Across the Lifecycle
8th August

1252  - Hadoop Architecture & Administration for Big Data Solutions
9th August

209 VBA Programming Introduction
23rd August

1815 Agile Testing Strategies and Practice
22nd August

1197 Achieving ITIL Foundation
19th September

If you want to know about the specifics of the course checkout learningtree.co.uk

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