Monday, 25 July 2016

Fourth Week in July

This is the fourth week of four of my July training programming and this week we have two courses that I am involved in

Tomorrow 26th July I will be teaching a one day course titled Writing SQL Queries. This course provides and introduction to writing queries, using the SELECT statement in SQL.

Following this course, from Wednesday this week I will producing the Assertiveness Skills: Communicating with Authority & Impact. I have not seen this course run before. The course page says you will learn the following

Demonstrate and model assertive behaviour for win-win outcomes
Gain self-awareness of your attitudes, behaviour patterns and habits
Develop a positive, proactive response to difficult behaviours
Exhibit confidence in your ability to address challenging situations
Enhance your skill set with proven tactics

Look like it’s going to be another busy yet interesting week. I will attempt to live blog  both events too to keep you informed on what's going on.

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