Friday, 8 July 2016

Influence Skills: Live from @LearningTree London Day 4

We've made it to the final day, day 4 of Learning Tree  course 294 Influence Skills: Getting Results without  Direct Authority.

Today the attendees will do a fairly comprehensive exercise putting into practice all that they have learned this week.

You can read all about the first 3 days by following the links below

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Influence Skills: Day 2
Influence Skills: Day 3

If you want to join as at the LEC in London  or online why not check out the Great Value IT Training Page to see what offers you can benefit from this week.

14:00 The course exam is about to start...and that's me done. It's been a great week. I'm off home with my case.

13:15 debrief of the exercise and then we move to close the course

12:30 That's the activity complete time for lunch. Debrief after lunch.

12:10 Ideas being presented

12:00 Interesting discussions as the groups prepare and I think we have a winner for the competition too...Winner to be announced shortly.

11:25 Influence Skills last activity the directors have been briefed, now the people doing the influencing are getting prepped.

11:00 Chapter Last major Activity. Pre-activity reading and group discussion will take us up to lunch.

10:40 After watching some interesting leadership videos its time for a coffee break.

10:25 Leadership Styles

10:10 Looking at multiple perspectives

09:55 Eric the online attendee who is French, living in Germany. tells the class last nights Football was a win win for him. France beat Germany 2-0 to reach the final in Paris Sunday.

09:46 Parmjit asks if doing the activity over anyware changed the dynamics. That is doing it online as opposed to face to face. Attendees in class found the online interaction worked really well....Good to know. Ola says that he is trying to use lots of the skills and techniques he has learned this week.

09:45 Feedback on the activity "Exercise was fun, the debrief was most beneficial in terms of learning."

09:35 Lots of valuable feedback being delivered on the role play.

09:20 Role play is going pretty well. Online group are doing a great job.

09:00 We are starting with a review.

08:30 People are starting to filter in and everyone seems excited that its Friday. Or Bag Day that I often hear it called when I'm in London. Lots of bags and cases and people looking forward to travelling home for the weekend.

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