Thursday, 7 July 2016

Influence Skills: Live From London Day 3

The main news this morning: Wales' heroic efforts at the Euros came to end last night with a 2-0 defeat to Portugal. I'm feeling a little sad this morning but what a great effort in getting to the semi-final.

Anyway there'll be more great stuff on influence skills this morning as we head into day 3. You can read all about the first 2 days by following the links below

Day 1
Day 2

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16:30 That's it for today lots of laughter and discussion about the roles being taken on for tomorrow's activity.

16:15 Finishing the day with prep for tomorrow's activity.

16:00 Chapter 6 - Multiple Perspectives

15:40 - Start again with practice on Aikido talk. I think this will be fun. No buts. No buts. Did you see what I did there?

15:20 Coffee time - double espresso for me.

15:00 We're onto Aikido talk - being in harmony with your opponent.

14:55 Discussing the difference between pushy and arrogant.

14:35: More fun with the MAD team. Looking at and discussing challenging behaviour videos

14:15 Real life stories around how Parmjit deals with difficult behaviours

13:55 Political intelligence is the next discussion

13:30 Interesting discussion around the trusted employee video. With lots of real life examples

12:30 Lunch 

12:05 Power videos examples of the different types of power in action

11:45 Chapter 5 Power and Politics - are you politically savvy?

11:30 Debrief of the exercise, then a discussion on avoiding the potential influence traps.

11:00 This is really good activity. The class seem to enjoy the role play

10:30 Interesting activity applying some of the techniques developed this week.

10:15 Coffee Break

09:55 Interesting chat about language and whether your are more left or right brain.

09:30 Interesting discussion about left and right handed people.

09:20 Most of the class have entered the competition. Parm going over the last big exercise which will be tomorrow morning.

09:05 Parmjit going over the options for the course exam and class competition. Some great prizes on offer

09:00 And we're off - what do we remember from yesterday.

08:55 Seen a lot of my English chums today, most I haven't seen all week. Yet today they come and find me.

08:30  All setup and ready to go for Day 3

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