Monday, 4 July 2016

Influence Skills

I wrote in my earlier post today that I was producing 294 Influence Skills: Getting results without direct authority. I said in that post it was my favourite non-technical Learning Tree course.

Well this afternoon I have had the pre-course meeting with the lead instructor this week Parmjit Kalsi ( LinkedIN ). This is the pre-course preparation meeting. We get together and look at the activities that attendees will be completing throughout the week and work out a plan for the course, ensure that everything is ready and setup and good to go for the first day, which starts tomorrow. Tuesday 5th July.
Off the back of today’s meeting and after having the initial idea last week whilst working late client of mine who using my SQL Server consulting services, I’m decided I’m going to Live Blog the event. As a producer I get to sit in and listen to the class as its being delivered.  Having attended and produced this course two years ago with my good friend Steve Bibby (LinkedIn |Twitter ) that was a great event and even though I was busy producing I learned a lot too. So getting to do it again this summer was very exciting prospect for me. I’m hopefully to going to use the live blog as a way for you to experience at least some of what the course covers and the topics it discusses.

If you like the live blog sessions you’ll love the course. If you want to attend, you can attend at an education centre near you (UK, USA, Sweden) or you can attend online via AnyWare. If you’d like to attend or have any questions that I can help with do email and I’ll happily help or point you in the right direction

This is going to be a fun week….Stay tuned.

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