Thursday, 14 July 2016

Live From @LearningTree London Backup and Restore - Day 3

This week I’m teaching Learning Tree’s course 2108 SQL Server Database Administration in the LEC in London. Following on from last weeks success live blogging from the back of the room whilst producing the 294 influence skills course, this week I’m in the process of trying this from the front of the class.

You can read all about the previous days here

Day 3 three focuses on the most important area of SQL Server Database Administration in my opinion. Backup and Restore. We cover everything from restoring restoring user databases to recovering broken servers.

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You can follow how today goes here on the blog

16:30 With the backup job for Human Resources created. That's going to be it for the day. We'll start again in the morning looking database maintenance tasks.

16:05 Creating a backup job for the Human Resources database.

15:45 Started looking at agents jobs and configuring the agent to work with database mail.

15:30 Chapter 6 is working with the Agent. We're about setup database mail so we can configure some alerts and notifications.

15:00 We are going to look at automating a lot of these tasks in the next chapter.

14:50 Everyone has recovered the databases and the SQL Servers are backup and running. Phew! I think everyone deserves a coffee

14:45 Log block version 2 is not supported. Interesting error.

14:10 after some dicssion around rebuilding and restoring the master database, the group are now attempting to run through the recovery process. Rebuilding master and restoring then restoring the orders database to a point in time. Fun stuff.

13:30 - We're getting to the creating chaos section of the lab. I'm starting to get nervous for the attendees :-)

13:10 - We are back after lunch, with a hands-on exercise backing up user and system databases, then we'll create some chaos

12:10 Lunch on day 3 - We have a fun afternoon to look forward too.

12:05 Looking at why you should backup the system databases and the frequency with which they should be backed up

12:00 Discussion around transaction log backups, why they are important and the role they play in being able to recover a database to a point in time.

11:40 - Looking at creating a full database backup and a differential database backup

11:05 Setting our databases up with the correct recovery model

10:40 We'll start again by looking at restore scenarios

10:25 Coffee Break Time

10:00 Discussion the different types of Recovery mode

  • Simple
  • Bulk Logged 
  • Full

And their implications and what we need to do to manage the log.

09:30 Started talking about the transaction log  and its importance in the SQL Server recovery process

0900 Review of yesterday and did some practice questions on what we have covered so far. 

08:30 Classroom is setup and people are beginning to arrive

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