Friday, 15 July 2016

TGI Friday (Live Blog Day 4)

Its been long but productive week at Tree Tech

This week I’m teaching Learning Tree’s course 2108 SQL Server Database Administration in the LEC in London. Following on from last weeks success live blogging from the back of the room whilst producing the 294 influence skills course, this week I’m in the process of trying this from the front of the class.

You can read all about the previous days here
Day 2
Day 3

Yesterday afternoon we discovered that Jason won the in-class competition, we'll find out this morning what present he selected.

We'll have a little Friday competition today - a couple of people from the class can win a copy of each of my books in the class raffle

15:15 I'm off to catch my train home. Have a good weekend everyone. Next week its

15:10 Everyone has completed the exam. I fully expect everyone to pass.

14:10 We are just starting the course exam.

13:45 Quick look at SQL Server Auditing to finish off the course

13:10 Last exercise of the course we're creating some maintenance plans to automate all the jobs we want to run.

12:51 Interesting discussion in the instructor lounge this lunch time around women in technology.

12:07 That's lunch then, finished up looking at maintenance plans

11:40 We are now looking at DBCC CHECKDB and discussing why it is important that we run it regularly. We're going to fix a corrupt page in our exercise too.

11:15 Looking at indexes and fixing index fragmentation

10:31 We'll start again with last chapter. Chapter 7 - The care and feeding of your databases. We'll discuss the regular maintenance task that we need to carry out.

10:16 Coffee break time,

10:15 Simon won a copy of SQL Server 2014 book and Pete won a copy of my Azure IaaS book.

10:01 Setting up some alerts... Always fun

09:40 Next up is alerts

09:30 Continued exploring the agent. Looked at multi-step jobs now we are implementing a proper backup strategy for the orders database.

09:00 Jason the winner of the in-class competition decided to chose the binoculars as his prize.

08:30 Class is all setup and good to go

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